Biostatistics Collaborations

The table below includes assignments on our Collaboration Plan as well as other long-term collaborative arrangements, some of them supported by center grants.

Area Start Department Chair/Division Director Vice Chair For Research Faculty Biostatisticians Staff Biostatisticians/Computer Systems Analysts Report
Anesthesiology (Department of) 2005/11/18 Warren Sandberg, MD, PhD Edward Sherwood, MD, PhD Matt Shotwell, PhD Yaping Shi, MS  
America's Hernia Society Quality Collaborative   Benjamin Poulose, MD   Thomas Stewart, PhD Molly Olson, MS  
Biomedical Informatics (Department of) DBMI 2005/09/14 Kevin Johnson, MD Bradley Malin, PhD Cindy Chen, PhD N/A Report
Cardiovascular Medicine (Division of)/DOM Tommy Wang, MD   Frank Harrell, PhD

Shi Huang, PhD

Meng Xu, MS

Digestive Disease Research Center   Richard Peek, MD   Tatsuki Koyama, PhD Lili Sun, MS
Emergency Medicine (Department of) 2005/08/29 Corey Slovis, MD Alan Storrow, MD DandanLiu, PhD Cathy Jenkins, MS Report
Gastroenterology (Division of)   Richard Peek, MD Michael Vaezi, MD (Clinical Director) Chris Slaughter, DrPH   Report
Global Health (Institute for) 2009/07/09 Ed Trevathan, MD, MPH   Bryan Shepherd, PhD Wu Gong, MS Report
Health Policy (Department of) Melinda Buntin, PhD   Laurie Samuels, PhD N/A  
Health Services Research (Center for) Russell Rothman, MD, MPP        
Working with Wes Ely, MD, PhD: Rameela Chandrasekhar, PhD Jennifer Thompson, MPH  
General: Laurie Samuels, PhD N/A  
Hearing & Speech Sciences (Department of) 2010/09/01 Anne-Marie Tharpe, PhD James Bodfish, PhD     Report
MOON, Sports Medicine   Kurt Spindler, MD   Frank Harrell, PhD Sam Nwosu; Charles Dupont  
Neonatology (Division of) 2006/01/09 Susan Guttentag, MD   Chris Slaughter, DrPH Jeremy Stephens Report
Nephrology (Division of)/DOM   Raymond Harris, MD Alp Ikizler, MD Pingsheng Wu, PhD
Thomas Stewart, PhD
Aihua Bian, MPH
Jennifer Morse, MS
Amy Perkins, MS
Neurology (Department of) 2005/11/02 Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD Beth Ann Malow, MD Fei Ye, PhD Run Fan, MS  
Ophthalmology (Department of) 2004/09/17 Paul Sternberg, MD David Calkins, PhD (Vice Chair, Director for Research)   Pengcheng Lu, MS Report
Ophthalmology (Department of)   David J. Calkins, PhD   Cindy Chen, PhD To be determined Report
Pathology (Department of) 2006/06/06 Samuel Santoro, MD, PhD   Bill Dupont, PhD Dale Plummer, BS Report
Pediatrics (Department of) 2009/11/01 Steven Webber, MBChB, MRCP   Chris Slaughter, DrPH Meng Xu, MS  
Psychiatry (Department of) 2017/07/01 Stephan Heckers, MD   SimonVandekar, PhD Ahra Kim, MPH
Rheumatology (Department of)   Cecilia Chung, MD, MPH   Bill Dupont, PhD Omair A. Khan, MAS, GStat  
Vaccine Center/Program in Vaccine Science 2005/09/01 Jim Crowe, MD   Chris Slaughter, DrPH N/A Report
Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center   Angela Jefferson, PhD   Dandan Liu, PhD Omair A. Khan, MAS, GStat  
Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy (VSP) 2017/06/27 Gerald Buller, PharmD Autumn Zuckerman, PharmD Leena Choi, PhD Josh DeClercq, MS Report
Note: If your department is not participating in a collaboration plan, you may wish to attend one of the Clinics offered through
the Biostatistics Department. If your department is in a collaboration plan, you are always welcome at clinics too.

Potential Collaborations
Area Department Chair/Division Director Vice Chair For Research Faculty Biostatisticians Staff Biostatisticians/Computer Systems Analysts Report
Imaging Science (VU Institute of) John Gore, MD Hakmook Kang, PhD    
Infectious Disease (Division of)/DOM Patty Wright, MD (Current Interim Director), David Aronoff, MD Bryan Shepherd, PhD Cathy Jenkins, MS Report

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