Department of Biomedical Informatics Collaboration from Oct 2005 --

The following is an outline of the projects for the Department of Biomedical Informatics performed by Qingxia (Cindy) Chen, PhD


  1. Step Stools, Kevin Johnson, 02/2007
  2. A Framework Based Clinical Documentation Evaluation Method, Trent Rosenbloom, 09/2006-10/2008, R01, funded
  3. A Systematic and Data Driven Medical Decision Support System (DATMEDSYS): Application to Neonatal Sepsis, Subramani Mani, R01, unfunded
  4. An in silico method for epidemiological studies using Electronic Medical Records, Hua Xu, EUREKA grant,funded
  5. My-Medi-Health: A Vision for Child-focused Personal Medication Management, Kevin Johnson, 01/2009-10/2009, funded
  6. Real-time Disambiguation of Abbreviations in Clinical Notes, Hua Xu, 01/2009-, R01, funded
  7. Supplment to "A Framework Based Clinical Documentation Evaluation Method", Trent Rosenbloom, 4/2009-05/2009, challenge grant, unfunded
  8. Reduction of Costs through Improved Treatment of Pain (ROCITOP), Fern Fitzhenry, 4/2009-05/2009, challenge grant, unfunded
  9. Pain Assessment & Intervention Needs (PAIN), Fern Fitzhenry, 09/2009-, R03, funded
  10. VESPA - Vanderbilt Electronic Systems for Pharmacogenomic Assessment, Daniel Masys, Response to "Grant Opportunity", 05/2009
  11. GenericsSTEPS: Developing a Generic Medication Management System, Kevin Johnson, 4/2009-05/2009, challenge grant, unfunded
  12. Optimizing Delivery of “Information Prescriptions” in Emergency Medicine Settings, Nunzia B. Giuse, 4/2009-05/2009, challenge grant, unfunded
  13. A Medical Decision Support System (MEDSYS) for Early Detection of Neonatal Sepsis, Subramani Mani, 4/2009-05/2009, challenge grant, unfunded
  14. iADAPT, Trent Rosenbloom, 11/2009-, R18, funded
  15. iBF grant, Trent Rosenbloom & Kevin Johnson, 12/2009-, R18, unfunded
  16. A Framework Based Clinical Documentation Evaluation Method, Trent Rosenbloom, R01, 09/2010-01/2012
  17. Drug Alerting Model, Yu-Xian Ho, 10/2011-
  18. Personal Health Information Needs and Practices for Maternal Fetal Care, Gretchen Purcell Jackson, R01, 09/2011-, resubmission
  19. Scalable Biomedical Pattern Recognition via Deep Learning, Thomas Lasko, R01, 11/2011-
  20. Supplying Evidence-based Recommendations of Immunization and Drug Suggestions, Trent Rosenbloom, U-, 09/2011-
  21. Supplemental Technology to Enhance Rx Ordering and Immunization Delivery Status (STEROIDS), Kevin Johnson, AHRQ, 09/2011-
  22. E2CI, Kevin Johnson, R03, 01/2011-
  23. Mitigating Long-Term Health Effects of Disasters in the Elderly, Laurie Novak, R21, 04/2012-
  24. Advanced Decision Support for Patient-Specific Medication Safety, Randolph Miller, Samsung Grant, 06/2012-
  25. PREDICT, Kevin Johnson & Josh Peterson & Trent Rosenbloom, R18, 04/2012-


  1. An Electronic Medical Record in Primary Care: Impact on Satisfaction, Work Efficiency and Clinic Processes, David Joos and Kevin Johnson. 09/2005-07/2006
  2. Performing without a Net: Transitioning Away from a Health Information Technology Rich-Training Environment,Kevin Johnson and Davin Chark. 11/2005-10/2008
  3. Providers’ Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors Prior to Implementing a Computerized Pneumococcal Vaccination Reminder,Dominik Aronsky and Judith Dexheimer, 01/2006-07/2006, published
  4. The Impact of an Electronic Prescribing Intervention on Generic Medication Prescribing Behavior, Shane Stenner and Kevin Johnson. 07/2007-
  5. Does BCMA deliver the promised benefits?,Fern Fitzhenry, 11/2008-
  6. Medical Decision Support Using Machine Learning for Early Detection of Neonatal Sepsis, Subramani Mani, 10/2008-
  7. Implementing Pneumonia Quality Care Measures with An Informatics-Driven Intervention, Dominik Aronsky, 10/2009-
  8. eRx significantly REDUCED rule violations?, Yun-Xian Ho, Kevin Johnson, 10/2008-
  9. PedStep, Kevin Johnson, 10/2008-
  10. Specialized Pediatric Growth Charts For Electronic Health Record Systems: the example of Down Sysdrome, Trent Rosenbloom, 09/2009-09/2010
  11. Financial Impact of Health Information Exchange on Emergency Department Care, Mark Frisse & Kevin Johnson, 09/2010-09/2011
  12. Users' perspectives on the usability of a regional health information exchange, Cindy Gadd & Yun-Xian Ho & Mark Frisse & Kevin Johnson, 09/2010-09/2011
  13. Health Information Exchange Usage in Ambulatory Settings: the Who, What and Why, Mark Frisse & Kevin Johnson, 11/2010-09/2011
  14. Medication-error alerts for warfarin orders detected by a bar-code-assisted medication administration system, Fern FitzHenry, published
  15. Assessing Adolescent Asthma Symptoms and Adherence Using Mobile Phones, Shelagh Mulvaney & Yun-Xian Ho & Kevin Johnson, 10/2011-, revision
  16. Paperless Labeling Initiative Readiness Survey, Kevin Johnson & Yun-Xian Ho, 11/2011-, manuscript in preparation
  17. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Culture Competency Training: Are Medical Schools in Need?, Kevin Johnson & Clayton Wilburn, 11/2011-, revision
  18. EHR Ergonomics, Cynthia Gadd & Yun-Xian Ho, manuscript in preparation, 04/2012-
  19. Electronic health record data suggests metformin improves cancer survival: A new model for drug repurposing studies, Hua Xu & Josh Peterson & Josh Denny, 06/2011-06/2012, in press
  20. Predicting 4-year Mortality Risk Using EHR Data for a Outpatient Primary Care Practice, Joshua Denny & Eugenia Hinz, 05/2012-08/2012, submit
  21. Medical Decision Support Using Machine Learning for Early Detection of Neonatal Sepsis, Subramani Mani, invited revision, 07/2012
  22. Disparities in Access to Care over Three Years: Patient Portal Usage versus Outpatient Care, Trent Rosenbloom & Gretchen Purcell Jackson


  1. Medical alarm system, MS thesis of David Xie, with Kevin Johnson, 11/2006
  2. Adverse Event Impact on Hospital Cost, Fern Fitzhenry, 05/2007
  3. Medical system to reduce Beeirs list (inappropriate prescription) in ED, MS thesis of Kou-Wei Chiu, with Dominik Aronsky, 11/2008
  4. Implementing Pneumonia Quality Care Measures with An Informatics-Driven Intervention, Dominik Aronsky, 2009
  5. Drug-Finding Knowledge Base, MS thesis of Joshua Smith, 05/2012

Committee Service

  1. Jeffrey T. Leegon (adviser: Dominik Aronsky)
  2. Naqi Ali Khan (adviser: Trent Rosenbloom)
  3. Ellen Yan (adviser: Trent Rosenbloom)

Graduate Student Thesis Involved but not Committee Member

  1. Minhui Xie (adviser: Kevin Johnson)
  2. Davin Chark (adviser: Kevin Johnson)
  3. David Joos (adviser: Kevin Johnson)
  4. Shane P. Stenner (adviser: Kevin Johnson)
  5. Judith Dexheimer (adviser: Dominik Aronsky)
  6. Joshua Smith (adviser: Randy Miller)
  7. Eugenia Hinz (adviser: Joshua Denny)
A Framework Based Clinical Documentation Evaluation Method Trent Rosenbloom 09/2010 – 01/2012
Drug Alerting Model Yu-Xian Ho 10/2011-.
AHRQ PA-11-199 Gretchen Purcell Jackson 09/2011-.
Scalable Biomedical Pattern Recognition via Deep Learning Thomas Lasko 11/2011-.
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