Active Projects

on Description Investigators Product Status Last update
1 NIRS MRI HIE Englehardt and Gillam-Krakauer Manuscript Under Review (Nov Submission) 21 Jan 2015
2 Oral priming study* Wynn Manuscript Waiting for final data 21 Jan 2015
3 Journal clubs Various   Ongoing 21 Jan 2015
4 Brain responses to light touch Maitre Manuscript Under Review 21 Jan 2015
5 Prophylactic Indo. and long term outcomes Gillam Manuscript Received data 29 Jan 2015

* Note that Wynn study is funded through a Gerber grant. While my funding is officially over on the grant, the data are not ready for analysis yet.

Projects Completed: July 2014 to July 2015

on Description Investigators Product Status Last update
1 VGPS Manuscript Beatrice Stefanescu Manuscript Accepted 21 Jan 2015
2 Descriptive analysis of oral priming study Wynn Presentation Complete 23 Oct 2014 10:56
3 Nellcor Pulse Ox Stefanescu Potential Manuscript Evaluating time commitment required for data cleaning and analysis. Data are not able to be analyzed. 21 Jan 2015


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