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Supported PMI Faculty, Fellows and Residents

  • Abdulkadir, Sarki
  • Abel, Ty
  • Boulos FI
  • Booth, Garrett
  • Boyd, Kelli L.
  • Burton, Bryce
  • Cates, Justin
  • Chen, Patty H.
  • Colón-Franco, Jessica M.
  • Correa, Hernan
  • Darbyshire, Amanda
  • DasGupta, Jayasri
  • Eischen, Christine
  • Fadare, Oluwole
  • Fasig John H
  • Gailani, David
  • Giannico, Giovanna
  • Hadjifrangiskou, Maria
  • Head, David
  • Hubbard, Jennifer
  • Jones, Carissa
  • Keck, Vickie A.
  • Kim, Annette S
  • Kokoye, Yasin
  • Lannigan, Deborah
  • Lewis, James
  • Li, Shaoying
  • Mosse, Claudio
  • Pacheco, Cristina
  • Page, David L
  • Parl, Fritz F.
  • Reisenbichler, Emily
  • Roh, Meejeon
  • Sanders, Melinda E.
  • Salleng, Ken
  • Sebzda, Eric
  • Seegmiller, Adam
  • Simpson, Jean F.
  • Tang, YiWei
  • Tran, Thuy
  • Wang, Yang
  • Woodworth, Alison
  • Young, Pampee P
  • Zutter, Mary M.

Publications since 2007

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  19. Keck VA, Edgerton DS, Hajizadeh S, Swift LL, Dupont WD, Lawrence C, Boyd KL. Effects of Habitat Complexity on Pair-Housed Zebrafish. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2015; 54(4):378-83.
  20. Rosado FG, Rinker EB, Plummer W, Dupont WD , Spradlin NM, Reichard KK, Kim AS. The diagnosis of adult-onset haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: lessons learned from a review of 29 cases of bone marrow haemophagocytosis in two large academic institutions. J Clin Pathol . 2016:jclinpath-2015-203577.
  21. Cates JM, Dupont WD. Cytologic anaplasia is a prognostic factor in osteosarcoma biopsies, but mitotic rate or extent of spontaneous tumor necrosis are not: a critique of the College of American Pathologists Bone Biopsy template. Modern Pathology. advance online publication, 23 September 2016; doi:10.1038/modpathol.2016.163

Lectures and Seminars

  1. Introduction to Power and Sample Size Calculations. Department of Pathology Seminar. November 2007.
  2. Introduction to Clinical Trials. Lecture given as part of the graduate program in cellular and molecular pathology course 351 entitled “Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease.” November 2013.

Grant Application Support

  1. Debvorah A. Lannigan, P.I. Modeling Sensitivity and Resistance to Chemotherapy in TNBC using Ex Vivo Primary Cultures. DoD grant application submitted December 2012.
  2. Debvorah A. Lannigan, P.I. Anti-estrogen responsiveness in breast cancer. R01 grant application submitted October, 2013
  3. Debvorah A. Lannigan, P.I. Targeting Metastasis in TNBC. DoD grant application submitted December 2014.
  4. Eric Sebzda, P.I.. Targeting peripheral-derived regulatory T cells as a means of enhancing immune responses directed against prostate cancer. DoD Grant 08/01/2015 -- 07/31/2018

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