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We are quickly building a lot of useful how to pages on our site. This page should help you find the pages you need quickly. Please add to this list freely with links to any how to pages you wish. Please note the separate tables for the biostat wiki pages and pages on the rest of the Web.

The biostat pages list is not exhaustive so using our site's search options may also help you find what you're looking for.

How Pages on the Biostat Wiki

How To ... Link Key Words/Brief Description
Get answers to frequently asked questions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answers to questions about linux and general computing that we often hear
Annotate a PDF document PdfAnnotation draw, highlight, add typed text to pdf; also for note taking and collaborating over the web
Convert LaTeX documents produced by sweave SweaveConvert convert, LaTex, Sweave, HTML, rtf, doc, ms word, microsoft word
Convert html code to TWiki syntax HtmlToTwiki This is a perl script to assist in converting your html files to TWiki syntax.
DeIdentify data DataDeidentificationChecklist deidentify data
Export data from redcap within R using the API and a convenience function RedcapApiExportR  
Export data from SAS for use in R SASexportHowto Using SAS exportlib Macro with R sasxport.get Function
Find an article in a statistical journal ResResource No how to instructions, but when tracking down a statistics journal this page is indispensable.
Find the impact factor for a journal JournalImpactFactors find impact factor
Get notified when a topic/wikipage is edited HowToGetNotified Notify, alert, email.
Give better presentations HowToPresent Tips for Better Presentations
GnuPG privacy guard instructions GnupgInstructions How to install and configure the high-security free and open source encryption/decryption software called gnupg.
Import data from SAS to R SAStoR How to import SAS data to R using Stat Transfer and keep all the labels and formats.
Konqueror/Cervisia/CVS KonqCervisiaCvs A Quick Howto for Konqueror/Cervisia/CVS
Lead/participate in a Biostat Clinic ClinicHowTo Tips on helping investigators at one of our daily free biostatistics clinics.
R RS Page contains extensive links and information for R and S-Plus Packages, Functions, and Documentation
R Clinic RClinic Under the section Helpful R code find help on dates, coding factors, plotting, writing functions, viewing wide matricies/datasets/data frames, etc.
R Cook Book RCookBook This page is dedicated to the little R functions that we write to do various things.
Use knitr KnitrHowto How to use knitr, especially in R to create latex documents
Create an R package HowToCreateAnRPackage Five easy steps to R packaging, and related resources.
Release the edit lock by default HowToReleaseEditLock How to check the release edit lock option by default.
Name a wiki topic How to name a wiki topic This topic has such a good name that it needs no explanation.
Use the wiki WikiUsage Includes how to understand the wiki philosophy
Open unicode data files How To Open Unicode Data Files Open data files encoded in unicode
Get emailed by NCBI when your papers get published How To Get Emailed Custom Searches On NCBI Searches include pubmed and you can search for your name as an author.
Get the most out of a statistics conference How To For Statistics Conferences Tips for maximizing your learning experience.
How to use VA remote access systems (VPN, CAG) Va How To Use Vpn Instructions and tips for working remotely with VA data.
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