Note Taking and Annotating PDF Documents

Using xournal

Installation Instructions

sudo apt-get install xournal


  1. Run xournal myfile.pdf
  2. Annotated
  3. File ... Export to PDF
To get the latest xournal with image insertion: (but this seems to be included in the latest standard release)

Using okular

If you are using KDE 4 (e.g., with Kubuntu 9 Intrepid) you can use the built-in okular document viewer to annotate pdf files using the review mode. Annotations are saved in an xml file inside ~/.kde/share/apps/okular/docdata so only other okular users can view them, and you will need to give them the appropriate xml file to install in the aforementioned directory. You can't have okular save the pdf file after annotating because this will not save the annotations.
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