If Citrix ICA Client is already installed, then ...

  • Go to https://citrixaccess.va.gov/
  • Log in with vha09\VaUserName and VaPassword.
  • If given a link to "skip to log on", it bypasses unnecessary, sometimes glitchy, fluff.
  • Click on the R03 apps folder.
  • Click on the remote desktop icon.
    • This will either auto-open or download a .ica file, which you can open by clicking on it.
    • It's the Citrix ICA Client that lets you run the .ica file.
  • Remote desktop into a server as usual. We'll avoid posting VA server addresses on this open page.

To Install Citrix ICA Client

... on Linux

The install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CitrixICAClientHowTo used to work, but they may be out of date now.

... on Windows

This tends to be Windows friendly. If you follow your best guesses, you'll likely figure it out.

... on MAC OS

This sometimes works and sometimes not. It's usually good to ask someone who uses a MAC to get in and has set theirs up recently.

Reset Password

If you're locked out because your password has expired, call the VPN helpdesk @ 855-673-4357. The options change frequently, but generally you'll want to select VHA and help with password reset. They were options 1 and 1 on a recent call.

On 19 Aug 2019, a help desk employee said that the requirements for passwords include the following:
  • at least 14 characters
  • characters from 3 of the 4 character groups. BUT the first and last characters can't be symbols.
  • no immediately repeated characters (? I might not have this exactly right- LRS)
  • can't re-use your last 24 passwords (? I might not have this exactly right either)

Other useful info

Help page accessible from anywhere: https://www.oit.va.gov/resources/remote-access/

Help desk numbers:
  • VPN helpdesk 855-673-4357 option 6 then 1
  • VA Help Desk: 615-225-6500 (may now redirect to the 855 number above)
  • VINCI Help Desk: this is a different number that you can get from the VPN helpdesk.

Check your VA email:
Once you've remoted into a server, you can check your VA email using https://webmail.va.gov/ from the installed browser, which is usually IE with paralyzing security settings. I still like this better than the remote webmail app in the R03 apps folder. You can also use Outlook if it's available in the remote environment you are in.

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