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  • RSPerl is an R module that works with Perl. With it you can run R commands inside Perl and vice versa. Below are the instructions to get the Perl module working (so you can run R from Perl scripts).
  • Note: you must recompile R from the source, since RSPerl requires R's shared library. Below are instructions on how to do this.
    • make a directory in your home folder for the R source file (ex: /home/vunetid/src) by running "mkdir /home/vunetid/src"
    • change your current directory to the one you just created
    • download the R source files by running "wget" or by grabbing them from a mirror on the R website
    • unzip the tarball by running "tar -xvzf R-2.1.1.tar.gz"
    • cd into the R directory ("cd R-2.1.1")
    • run: CFLAGS="-g" CXXFLAGS="-g" FFLAGS="-g" ./configure --enable-R-shlib
    • then run "make" (but don't run "make install", this will leave the R files in your home directory)
    • now it's time to install RSPerl
  • Download the source code (RSPerl_x.x-x.tar.gz) from the RSPerl website.
  • Install by running "R CMD INSTALL -c -l /home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/library --configure-args='--with-in-perl' RSPerl_x.x-x.tar.gz"
  • Edit your ~/.bashrc file and add the following lines:
    • export R_LIBS="/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/library/"
    • export PATH="/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/bin:$PATH"
    • export PERLLIB="/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/library/RSPerl/share/blib/arch:/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/library/RSPerl/share/blib/lib:/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/library/RSPerl/scripts"
    • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/bin:/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1/lib"
    • export R_HOME="/home/vunetid/src/R-2.1.1"
  • Reload your .bashrc by running "source ~/.bashrc"
  • Test to make sure your installation was successful by running "perl ~/src/R-2.1.1/library/RSPerl/scripts/"
  • If you have any questions, please ask JeremyStephens. Good luck!

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LaTex Links and Notes | See also DocProcess

The tetex-bin debian file can sometimes be difficult to update. Part of the reason are "ls-R" files that contain various path information. They are in such places as "/var/cache/fonts", "/var/lib/texmf", and "/usr/share/texmf". Try deleting these files and running either mktexlsr or texhash in those directories. Then reconfigure tetex-bin with the command dpkg-reconfigure tetex-bin.
  • Commands to invoke LaTex and view or print the output:
        $ latex test.tex   # invokes LaTex, processes test.tex, and writes test.dvi
        $ kdvi test.dvi    # opens test.dvi for viewing and printing
        Windows (MiKTex)
        > latex test.tex
        > yap test.tex

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