This page should contain various errors that have come up over the course of time. At this time they refer to technical problems, but at some point, low-level problems could also be included. Essentially, these are problems we don't want to have to remember how to fix again.

  • apt-get dependencies seem broken beyond repair
  • K3B will not burn CD-R's
  • eth0 isn't being used
    • Problem occurred with System76 pre-installations - eth4 configured rather than eth0
    • rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-network-devices.rules and reboot
  • User cannot unlock screen
    • Don't know why this occurs on some but not on others
    • chmod u+s /usr/bin/kcheckpass
  • Open Office menu items disappear
    • Problem occurred with System76 pre-installations
    • apt-get --purge remove
    • Install the following:
language-support-en python-uno kde-icons-crystal

-- ColeBeck - 19 Apr 2004;09 Jul 2004
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