Archived Analyses

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Simulated CCASAnet Data for Quasi-Reproducible Research

The following datasets were simulated from the CCASAnet cohort. These simulated data are made available so that select CCASAnet analyses in the above table are quasi-reproducible. We do not have permission to post the original CCASAnet datasets, so instead we have posted simulated datasets. We also include our simulation code, a second set of simulated datasets that simulates new data from our first simulated datasets so that the simulation procedure itself is quasi-reproducible (labeled "Simulated Dataset2"), and code for this second set of simulations (labeled "Code2"). Multiple datasets are included so that each time we update our simulated data to make them suitable for a new analysis, we do not need to re-run all other previous analyses on this same dataset. Results generated from these simulated datasets may not be generalizeable to the CCASAnet cohort. Additional discussion is in Shepherd BE, Peratikos MB, Rebeiro PF, Duda SN, McGowan CC. A pragmatic approach for reproducible research with sensitive data. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2017; 186: 387-392.

Date Simulated Dataset Code Simulated Dataset2 Code2
21 Dec, 2016 mock-ccasanet-data-2016-12-21 datasim-2016-12-21.R mock-ccasanet-data2-2016-12-21 datasim2-2016-12-21.R
19 Jan, 2017 mock-ccasanet-data-2017-01-19 datasim-2017-01-19.R mock-ccasanet-data2-2017-01-19 datasim2-2017-01-19.R

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