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Public Members

  • DONE TopNManager(TopNManager) - The copy constructor.
  • DONE Add(string, string, double) - Adds a score name, operator, and value criteria. Makes sure that the column being added is not a duplicate.
  • DONE GetCriteria(int) - Gets CriteriaSet N where N is the rank.
  • DONE GetCriteria(int, int) - Gets CriteriaSet N where N is the rank and passRank is the rank used for numPass.
  • DONE CriteiraSet GetRankingsCriteriaSet() - Returns a criteria set that containes the columns with asc or desc as their operator. Keeps the order of the columns as is set in the manager. (First column is the tie breaker).


  • DONE MaxN - the largest value for N. Used in the prefilter.

Protected Data

  • DONEmaxN


  • DONE Adding a NaN value when operator not "ASC" or "DESC"
  • DONE Adding a real value when operator "ASC" or "DESC"
  • DONE Adding a score name that exists in the ArrayList of ColumnCriteria.
  • DONE Getting criteria set N larger then maxN


  • add "rank <= n" to the criteria set with ignore numpass set to true.
  • for columns that are "ASC" or "DESC" add "columnName_rank <= passRank" to the criteria set (for numpass).
  • for other columns add "name operator value" to the criteria set (for numpass.
  • pass string is built from all the columns "( columnName1 || columnName2 || ... || columnNameN ) && rank"

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