General WFCCM Design


  • DONE Version 1
    • DONE Generate Scores.
    • DONE Write basic graphs.
  • Version 2
    • DONE Add Permuatation T Test.
    • DONE Add Sam.
    • DONE Generate data column summary (Min, First Quartile, Median, Third Quartile, Max, Mean, Std Deviation).
    • DONE Create interactive graphs.
    • DONE Create score summaries.
    • Add False Discovery Rate Test (has been moved to Permutation T Test).
    • DONE Add Hu test.
    • DONE Add Cross-Validation (Scores & Distance).
    • DONE Generate Eisens.
    • DONE K fold cross validation training.
    • K fold cross validation testing.
  • Version 3
    • Modify DataSet to support reading large datasets.
    • Modify DataSet to support writing large datasets.
    • Add support for theading in the main application.
    • Increase support for batch mode.
    • Network slave mode.
  • Version 4 (Survival Modifications)
    • Add Log Rank Test (surv).
    • Add Likelyhood Ratio Test (surv).
    • Add Wilcoxen Test (surv).
    • Add Exact Log Rank Test (surv).
    • Add Cox PH test (surv).
    • Add Survival Generation.
  • Version 5
    • Generate Box Plot data column summary.
    • Generate survival plots.

Working areas


  • Backend
  • Interface
  • Low priority
    • When saving data, write in ascending order.
    • Ability to run batch jobs.
    • Create table for all comparison, cutoff combinations for a single DataSet.


Design Goals

  • Create a data structure objects that will be small and efficient enough to handle > 30M data points.
  • Create data structures that will be robust enough for reuse.
  • Create data sets that will be easy for the user to setup and use in the program.
  • The program will display data in an intuitive manner.
  • Reuse as much code as possible.
  • Class data and methods in such a manner that maintenace will be simple and efficient.
  • Create design documentation so that others will be able to undestand and update the program.
  • Create objects that minimize coupling and maximize cohesion.



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