Please put your feedback on this system. I think that this will work, but I am open to better solutions. Jeremy.

At this point in time, use the console tester to write test functions. That way we will be able to go back and check the test functions when we make modifications to make sure that they still work.

Test functions should take the following format [Initials][date]-[description]. At this point make them static voids. Ex: JR20040629_TestDataSet();

Enclose test functions in #region description....#endregion.

I am not sure how to deal with multiple people using the same file to test. If any of you have ideas regarding this, please let me know. I have enabled multiple checkouts. I am not sure that this will work, because we will have to be careful to not squish other changes. But, it will allow us to simultaneously modify documents.

  • Will: Do I just copy the WFFCM2 file content I'm working on over to console tester?
    • JRob: I have shared the source files that form Wfccm to the console tester. When you get the latest version, it should update your files, and you can begin testing without doing any copying.

-- JeremyRoberts - 29 Jun 2004
Topic revision: r6 - 06 Jul 2004, WillGray

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