Public Methods

  • SummaryPanel() - Default constructor
  • SummaryPanel(SummaryPercentages) - create a new Summary panel with the given percentages as the data object


  • SumPct - get/set the SummaryPercentages object represented by this view
    • note: setting this is all that is necessary to switch the chart from displaying one data representation to another
  • Xscale - get/set the integer value for the x scale labels
    • ex: Xscale = 10 will label run 10, 20 30 etc.
  • CurrentRun - the value of the current run the mouse is over
  • SuspendArrow - bool controlling whether the orange guide arrow should be drawn

Private Methods

  • evtSizeChange() - Triggered on a resize, performs calculations to readjust picture size
  • evtMouseLeave() - Triggered on Mouse Exit, helps expidite refresh
  • evtMouseMove() - Changes the current run based on mouse position
  • OnClick() - Adds the current run to the set of saved runs to be displayed on the side
  • drawArrowAt(int, Brush, bool) - Draws an arrow at the given run number in the given color. set bool to true to also display information associated with that run above the run itself.
  • OnPaint(PaintEventArgs) - Draws everything

Private Data Members

  • [Train | Test][Gp1 | Gp2]Pts - Points to graph
  • [Train | Test]Pts - Points of the solid-line train or test graph

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