Public Methods

  • MissedChart(MissedValues) - creates a new missed chart to visualize the given object (can be null)


  • InfoSet - The information set associated with the given values
  • IsTraining - set to specify whether this object is training or testing
  • MissedVal - the MissedValues object associated with the view
    • note: to switch the object being represented, it is sufficient just to change this value

Private Methods

  • evtClick - Handles the click event by showing the InformationPane and populating it with information relating to the current column
  • finalizeChartDimensions() - finalizes chart size and dimensions after a resize or a switch of data representations
  • evtSizeChange - Handles a size change
  • evtSelectedIndexChanged - adds all selected items from the listbox into the highlighted runs
  • OnPaint - draws everything

Private Data Members

  • RectangleF[] chartPts - the rectangles stored representing each column
  • ListBox runSelector - used to select runs
  • currPt - Current (or previous) point selected

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