Recommended Reading

In Reverse Chronological Order by Date of Publication

Authors Title Journal Issue Page Comments
Jones RH Bayesian information criterion for longitudinal and clustered data Stat in Med Nov 10 2011 3050 Useful effective sample sizes for different correlation patterns including AR1 and unequal measurement times
Begg MD, Vaughan RD Are biostatistics students prepared to succeed in the era of interdisciplinary science? (And how will we know?) Am Statistician May 2011 71 Excellent definitions of multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary and how this should affect training; in one experiment a multi-disciplinary approach did not benefit students early in their programs
Kass, R Statistical inference: The big picture Statistical Sci Feb 2011 1 Bridges frequentist and Bayesian inference with an alternative "big picture" pragmatic depiction; excellent discussions by others
Wingspan Productions The Joy of Stats Broadcast by BBC     Hans Rosling says there’s nothing boring about stats, and then goes on to prove it. A one-hour long documentary produced by Wingspan Productions and broadcast by BBC, 2010.
Lehrer, J The truth wears off The New Yorker Dec 13 2010 52 Beautifully written article on the shrinkage of scientific findings over time; related to reproducible research and publication bias; see also this
Nolan D, Temple Lang D Computing in the statistics curricula Am Statistician 64:2 97 A definitive article on what the statistical computing component of a graduate stat program should contain, and what goes wrong when only cursory attention is paid to computing
Brown EN, Kass RE What is statistics? Am Statistician 63:2 2009 105 Defines statistical thinking and what happens when graduate programs do not incorporate it
Divine G, Kapke A et al Exemplary data set sample size calculation for Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney tests Stat in Med Jan 15 2010 108 Use of pilot data and noncentrality parameter estimates to scale up to sample size needed for definitive study
Wickham H A layered grammar of graphics J Comp Graph Stat March 2010 3 Excellent article about foundations of statistical graphics and how to use ggplot2 including a concise specification of Napoleon's march to Moscow
London AJ, Kimmelman J, Emborg ME Beyond access vs. protection in trials of innovative therapies Science May 14 2010 829 Harm to science of badly designed or badly motivated studies
Tu Y-K, Law GR, Ellison GTH, Gilthorpe MS Ratio index variables or ANCOVA? Fisher's cat revisited Pharm Stat 9;2010 77 Shows contradictory findings resulting from use of ratios when measurement error or imperfect correlations are present
Pocock SJ, Ware JH Translating statistical findings into plain English Lancet Jun 6 2009 1926 Concise reference on how to word results from P-values and confidence limits in medical papers
Ransohoff D How to improve reliability and efficiency of research about molecular markers: roles of phases, guidelines, and study design J Clin Epi Dec 2007 1205 Study design is all important; principles are more important than phases and guidelines; strong case for making early studies reliable; excellent bibliography and list of examples of omics studies gone bad
Young SS Gaming the system: Chaos from multiple testing IMS Bulletin Dec 2007 13 Editorial about the scientific crisis caused by poor statistical practice in epidemiology
Sonnenburg et al The Need for Open Source Software in Machine Learning J Machine Learning Res 2007 2443 Excellent summary of benefits of open source and of various licenses
Palmer CR, Shahumyan H Implementing a decision-theoretic design in clinical trials:Why and how? Stat in Med 30 Nov 2007 4939 Benefits of a decision-theoretic approach to clinical trials;excellent summary of ethical issues;first known clinical trial; data-dependent design; software
Campbell I Chi-squared and Fisher-Irwin tests of two-by-two tables with small sample recommendations Stat in Med 30 Aug 2007 3661 Why not to use Fisher's test or the Yates correction; why to use N-1 instead of N in formula for Pearson chi-square. See DataAnalysisDisc
Louis T Our future as history Biometrics March 2007 1 A nice article about the future and challenges of biostatistics
Royston P, Altman D, Sauerbrei W Dichotomizing continuous predictors in multiple regression: a bad idea Stat in Med 15 Jan 2006 127 Covers all the terrible problems caused by dichotomization
Wang A, Gehan EA Gene selection for microarray data analysis using principal component analysis Stat in Med 15 Jul 2005 2069 Data reduction method of potentially great use in gene microarray analysis and many other areas
Morton S Statistical collaboration to impact policy decisions Stat in Med 28 Feb 2005 493 Definitions of consulting and collaboration, excellent case studies where a statistician made a fundamental impact
Senn S Added values controversies concerning randomization and additivity in clinical trials Stat in Med 30 Dec 2005 3729 Interesting discussion on randomization and covariate-balanced randomization, blocking, covariate adjustment, choice of metrics, history
Efron B Statistics and the rules of science Amstat News July 2004 2 Excellent summary of the scientific process
Dufouil C, Brayne C, Clayton D Analysis of longitudinal studies with death and drop-out: a case study Stat in Med Jul 2004 2215 Good overview, discusses problems in targeting immortal subjects
Hogan J, Roy J, Korkontzelou C Handling drop-out in longitudinal studies Stat in Med May 2004 43 Excellent tutorial on nonrandom dropout
Mason RL Does the statistics profession have an identity crisis? JASA Mar 2004 1 Strong case for certification of statisticians
Brumback BA, Hernan MA, Haneuse SJPA, Robins JM Sensitivity analyses for unmeasured confounding assuming a marginal structural model for repeated measures Stat in Med Mar 2004 747  
Lin DY, Ying Z Semiparametric regression analysis of longitudinal data with informative drop-outs Biostat 2003 385 Perhaps the most useful approach for comparing 2 treatments when nonrandom dropouts occur
Greenland S When should epidemiologic regressions use random coefficients? Biometrics 2000 915 See this and this
Nick TG, Hardin JM Regression Modeling Strategies: An Illustrative Case Study From Medical Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Am J Occ Therapy Sep 1998 459 This is like a mini-course in modeling. Helpful for Masters level (or anyone) working on the Puzzlers.
  Special Section: Opportunities and Challenges for the Discipline American Statistician Feb 2010   This special section discusses some important issues facing our profession.

This list is intended to point faculty and staff to articles written by persons outside Vanderbilt that may be of interest.
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