Public Methods

  • DONE Property Pass
  • DONE Property NumPass - The number of rows that passed the evaluation. If IgnoreNumPass then don't count.
  • DONE SetColumnValue(string, double) - Adds/Sets a columns value. Also, sets numPass to NaN.
  • DONE bool Passes() - Checks to see that if the set of variables pass the criteria. Sets numPass.
  • DONE ClearVariables() - Removes the variables.
  • DONE Clear() - Clears all data in the object.
  • DONE ArrayList of strings GetColumns() - Will return all the column names that are used in this CriteriaSet.
  • AddCriteria(string, string, value) - Add a criteria to the set.

Protected Members

  • DONE double numPass - default to NaN.
  • DONE ArrayList of Criteria
  • DONE string pass
  • DONE struct columnValue
    • string name
    • double val


  • DONE Calling Passes when the variables do not match the criteria. E.g. missing variables.
  • DONE Calling NumPass when when numPass is NaN.
  • DONE Setting a columns value, when the column is not part of the set.
  • Adding a column that is already represented.


  • NumPass is calculated after "Passes" is ran.

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