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Current Notes (2023)

2023 January 25

Shreyas Krishnapura (Michael Topf), Otolaryngology

This study involved creating one-page treatment summary documents for Head and Neck cancer patients that are in remission after undergoing definitive therapy. Patients are surveyed on their knowledge of their cancer history before providing the summary and one month after. Data collection has been completed. Need to address which functions and tests (Wilcoxan-sign-ring, Mcnemars etc) are needed to correctly analyze the data. Mentor confirmed. VICTR Biostatistics voucher.

  • Meeting Notes:
    • Hypothesis: Knowledge of cancer history will improve at follow up
    • Have a gold standard survey to compare to
    • Outcomes:
      • Did patientsí knowledge of cancer history improve after providing the treatment summary?
      • Did patients prefer the treatment summary?
  • Recommendations:
    • For first outcome (did knowledge of cancer history improve), can compare individual questions pre and post (and also to the gold standard) using McNemar ís test
    • For the surveys with Likert answers, can use a Wilcoxon signed rank test to compare
    • Not having a control group will be a limitation and will need to be cautious about conclusions
    • Recommended to apply for a VICTR voucher

2023 January 18

Bo Stubblefield, Emergency Medicine

Evaluation of a prospective identification system of patients with acute pulmonary embolism in the emergency department. NLP applied to radiology reports in ED patients. Help with analysis in generating ROC curve.

  • Meeting Notes:
    • Reschedule as needed

2023 January 11

Melanie Hicks (Michael Topf), Otolaryngology

We are developing a RCT evaluating the SNRI Venlafaxine in patients undergoing surgical treatment for head and neck cancer. Our primary endpoints are rate of depression, anxiety, and uncontrolled pain at the end of 3 months. Mentor confirmed.

  • Meeting Notes
    • Primary outcome: Dichotomize depression based on PHQ-9 score
    • Subjects with a PHQ-9 score 0-9, randomized to placebo or drug
      • PHQ-9 score collected again 4 months later to determine if they developed depression

  • Recommendations
    • Recommended to apply for a VICTR voucher

Destini Long (Courtney Sutton), Pharmacy

Retrospective chart review of neonates in the NICU who recorded either Levetiracetam or Phenobarbital first-line for seizures. Accessing weather levetiracetam is equally as effective as phenobarbital in stopping seizures. Need to address which functions and tests (student t-test, chi-square, fisher exact, etc) are needed to correctly analyze my data in SPS. Mentor confirmed.

  • Meeting Notes
    • Data: collected retrospectively from VUMC over a 2-year period
      • N = 87
      • Includes neonates alive for 0-60 days given at least one of the 2 drugs, and have had seizure activity
    • Primary outcome: seizure resolution (yes/no)

  • Recommendations
    • For binary outcomes (ex: seizure resolution), can use a chi-square test
      • Start with a 2x2 table to determine cell count sizes
      • If any cells are <5, use a Fisherís exact test
    • For continuous outcomes, can use a Wilcoxon rank sum tests
    • For seizure resolution after switching drugs, display this with summaries as a descriptive statistic
    • If the bandwidth is there, consider regression models (logistic regression for binary outcome)
      • Could include covariates (maybe just one or two with small sample size)

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