Outline for Linux Workshop

January 26, 2005 & January 25, 2006 & January 30, 2008

Note that the 2007 version of this workshop can be found at MoreTwikiWorkShop.

Using the Wiki web tools


  • What is a Wiki (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki)
    Wiki: revision control, variables, plugins, attachments, no database
    • Collaboration (anyone can edit)
    • Easy to edit (`wiki wiki` is Hawaiian for `quick`)
    • Own Formatting and Macros, plus HTML and JavaScript
    • Pages are topics created through WikiWords like your user name
      • Since the URL string is rather long, shorten it to http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/TopicName for outside use

Viewing the content

  • View any page that isn't protected
  • Basic navigation and page layout
Item Topbar Sidebar Bottombar
Edit x   x
Attach x   x
Printable Version x   x
Page Trail x   x
Jump w/ Autocompletion x    
Last Modified Time x    
Search   x  
Recent Changes   x  
Topic List   x  
Webs   x  
Attachment Table     x
Raw Text     x
More Topic Actions     x
Page History     x

Finding content

Adding new content or changing existing content

  • you must register to do this (UserRegistration)
  • Use edit link at the top or bottom of topic
  • the (edit) mode page
    • Formatting and Style
      • Create clear, but unique page names. Avoid anything cryptic like CE, UFad or QC.
      • Discussions - add signature (-- ColeBeck - 24 Jan 2005)
      • Examples
        • New paragraph - insert a blank line
        • Headings - three dashes followed by plus signs
          ---+++ Level 3 Heading
          • Table of contents - if you use headings, you may wish to create a table of contents at the top of the page with the %TOC% variable
        • Bold text - enclose text with asterisks
        • Lists - three spaces followed by asterisk
             * List item
        • Table - columns and cells are created with vertical bars, each line is a row
          | Cell 1,1 | Cell 1,2 | Cell 1,3 |
          | Cell 2,1 | Cell 2,2 | Cell 2,3 |
        • Outside links - enclose link within brackets, link text within brackets, then nest both within brackets
        • Interwiki links (see InterWikis) - link to external sites
        • Prevent link - Prepend text with <nop> or !
      • Install the Firefox Extension to help edit pages - FirefoxExtensionTwiki
      • Syntax help (see TextFormattingRules)
        • If you have text that you don't want rendered by TWiki, surround it with <vebatim> tags
      • You can enter HTML code or JavaScript
        • If you want to use JavaScript, surround it with <pre> tags and HTML comments
    • Preview, Save, QuietSave, Checkpoint, etc.
      • Save: Save topic and return to normal view
      • QuietSave: Save but will not trigger email notifaction to people monitoring the page (checks the "Minor changes" checkbox)
      • Checkpoint: Save, and re-edit immediately
      • Preview: Do not save yet, but show what the topic would look if saved
      • Cancel: Discard changes and return to view mode, release lock
    • Release edit lock & Minor changes checkboxes
      • Edit lock prevents simulataneous page edits
      • Minor changes are not emailed under notification rules
  • Moving/renaming pages
    • More topic options (bottombar)
    • Move topic to Trash web to delete
    • Remember to check links on pages that refer to moved topic
  • Attaching files (bottombar)
    • Linking to documents: Create reference to attachment
    • Displaying images: Use HTML in order to apply attribrutes
    • Examples
Here is my file:
Here is my picture:
<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/name_of_image.gif" alt="my picture" height="200" width="300">

User Preferences

  • user home page (see WikiUsers, on sidebar)
  • preference variables
    • Set personal preferences on your user page through twiki variables (see Macros)
    • Example
      * Set RELEASEEDITLOCKCHECKBOX = checked="checked"
    • Hide preferences by enclosing them within HTML comment tags: <!-- and -->
  • secure a page by user/group (see AccessControl and WikiGroups)
    • Set VARIABLE=UserName, GroupName
  • modifying the sidebar
    • Jump to guestLeftBar and edit or click the create link on sidebar


Topic attachments
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpixpi FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi manage 36.6 K 24 Jan 2006 - 10:46 ColeBeck firefox extension for twiki editing
Topic revision: r18 - 11 Dec 2009, DalePlummer

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