Rafe Michael Joseph Donahue, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Biostatistics

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E-mail: rafe.donahue@vanderbilt.edu

Bivariate Baseball Score Plots
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Department of Biostatistics

Formal Education

Research interests

  • Design of large-sample, multivariate data displays
  • Clinical trials
  • Analysis of large data sets
  • Mechanical computing machines made from LEGOŽ
  • History of Western Science and Exploration
  • United States Articles of Confederation and Constitution

Fundamental Statistical Concepts in Presenting Data: Principles for Constructing Better Graphics

* Version 2.11: Handout (pdf, approximately 10MB, 100 pages with illustrations) for JSM2011 course 20110731 in Miami. ( Updated 20110704.)

* Doing More than Just the Basics with SAS/Graph and R: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Handout (pdf, approximately 500KB, 36 pages with illustrations and code) discussing graphics in SAS/Graph and R. This document is under development and should be used with appropriate grains of salt. The current draft follows the development of a graphic in both SAS/Graph and R, drawing the same plot (an empirical cdf with the support set) under the two different programs. More will be forthcoming as time and motivation permit. The next section will take the ecdf of the first section and partition it via small multiples. ( Updated 20100712.)

LEGOŽ graph paper!

I have built graph paper for LEGOŽ modeling. Two elevations (front and top) times two paper sizes (8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 inches) times two orientations (portrait and landscape) times three resolutions (full scale (1:1), 2:1, 4:1) means 24 different sheets! They are all pdf so download all you need and then tell your pdf viewer to not do any scaling or messing with things; just print them "Actual size". The front view paper has lines for both bricks and plates in the vertical direction and for single- and double-studs in the horizontal direction. The top view paper has lines for both single- and double-stud spacing.

If you find this helpful, just let me know!

If you need a special scale or paper size, just let me know and I can make that for you.

(Note: LEGOŽ is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this paper.)

8.5" x 11" 11" x 17"
Portrait Landscape Portrait Landscape
Front view 1:1 graphfront_8.5x11_1.pdf graphfront_11x8.5_1.pdf graphfront_11x17_1.pdf graphfront_17x11_1.pdf
2:1 graphfront_8.5x11_2.pdf graphfront_11x8.5_2.pdf graphfront_11x17_2.pdf graphfront_17x11_2.pdf
4:1 graphfront_8.5x11_4.pdf graphfront_11x8.5_4.pdf graphfront_11x17_4.pdf graphfront_17x11_4.pdf
Top view 1:1 graphtop_8.5x11_1.pdf graphtop_11x8.5_1.pdf graphtop_11x17_1.pdf graphtop_17x11_1.pdf
2:1 graphtop_8.5x11_2.pdf graphtop_11x8.5_2.pdf graphtop_11x17_2.pdf graphtop_17x11_2.pdf
4:1 graphtop_8.5x11_4.pdf graphtop_11x8.5_4.pdf graphtop_11x17_4.pdf graphtop_17x11_4.pdf
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