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Publishing Your Medical Research is the second edition of the award-winning book that provides practical information on how to write a publishable paper. This edition includes additional details to help medical researchers succeed in the competitive “publish or perish” world. Using a direct and highly informative style, it does more than help you write a paper; it presents the technical information, invaluable modern advice, and practical tips you need to get your paper accepted for publication. A singular source for the beginning and experienced researcher alike, Publishing Your Medical Research is a must for any physician, fellow, resident, medical scientist, graduate student, or biostatistician seeking to be published.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the most common medical manuscript flaws - the Methods!
  • Learn from an experienced methodologist how to avoid these flaws.
  • Learn how to write a publishable paper, efficiently!
  • Learn how to apply modern, robust statistical methods.
  • Discover how to present results with modern, professional graphics.

Book Awards:
  • American Medical Writers Association: Will Solimene Award, Outstanding quality - Print media
  • Ralph A. Deterling Award, Distinction in Medical Communication
  • Morris Fishbein Award, Honorable mention for excellence in medical communication for health professionals

Praise for _Publishing Your Medical Research_

“This book is an excellent and well-documented guide to the design of clinical trials, the analysis of data, and the construction of a high-quality manuscript. Both the novice and the expert will derive many helpful suggestions from its content.”

Gertrude B. Elion, D.Sc.

Nobel Laureate in Medicine

“Where medical school lacks, this book provides. In one volume, Dan Byrne gathers essential information for all authors interested in publishing biomedical papers.”

Robert Jacoby

Former Editor, American Medical Writers Association Journal

The beginning investigator will find this book a good introduction to developing a project, analyzing results rigorously, and writing a publishable paper. For experienced researchers, Byrnes's text will serve as a helpful review and a source of useful tips. By reading this book, the novice and the veteran alike can avoid common problems in medical research and ensure a smoother road to publication.

Angeline Chong and Richard Langley. Arch Dermatol. 2000;136(4):561-562.

Publishing Your Medical Research Paper is an excellent guide to clinical research and the publication process for the beginning investigator.

Tee L. Guidotti, JAMA. 1998;280 (19):1715.

Very well written and well organized. Truly a how-to for anyone who wants to publish medical research papers. Should be on everyone's reference shelf. If everyone who writes for scientific publications were to read this book, reading journals would be much less painful.

Jill Shuman, on presenting the AMWA award.

This is an outstanding book. Daniel Byrne has written what is possibly the definitive book for clinical research fellows and doctoral students struggling to get their papers published. We think this book should be in every clinical research laboratory's library.

David D’Cruz, Munther Khamashta. Lupus 8.6 (Jun 1999): 492-492.

Amazing! A great guide that will aid you during medical research projects. Easy learning, great setup and very very helpful. Just buy it!!

Yair Acherman posted on Amazon on October 16, 2001

Excellent... ** This concise, practical overview covers numerous important issues associated with producing a peer-reviewed publication, such as basic design issues, methodologic flaws, and details related to writing and submission. Its numerous chapters and readable format make it a helpful reference for busy clinicians or junior investigators.

Maria-Teresa M.P. Cuddihy, M.D., Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe that it will be valuable to established investigators as well as those embarking on a career in clinical research. ... Prospective contributors to biomedical journals would do well to keep this gem close at hand and consult it frequently when planning a clinical study or preparing a paper for publication.

Michael J. Aminoff, MD, FRCP; MUSCLE & NERVE. April 1999:550.
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