Archive.MayPole is a web application development frame work based on the MVC framework. It is capable of rapidly developing web based database applications. It uses Class::DBI and TT2 to provide its database access and template support respectively. Maypole creates an easy way to specify DB table inter-relationships, as well as handling all data base connections and web based information search queries. Maypole then passes information to the template toolkit to be rendered into a web page to be sent to the web browser. This program is very similar to Ruby on Rails. (see review).


  • Perl based - allows the utilization of any Perl module.
  • Has a preexisting authentication module


  • Perl based, Perl's syntax to not optimal for this type of frame work leading to long error prone and confusing code.
  • Uses Template Toolkit, Template Toolkit uses a clunky syntax that is completely different from Perl requiring the learning of a new language.
  • Long and complicated config file must be specified for each individual application.
  • Cannot auto detect column type.
  • Must specify root web URI
  • Must specify which data base table to use.
  • Has no HTML code helper functions.
  • Has no javascript helper functions.

-- CharlesDupont - 02 Sep 2005
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