Collaborative Editor Options for Text Files

    • elegant online editing help for LaTeX
    • implements knitr but you have to request R and LaTeX package to be installed
    • expensive
    • have to move your data to their web site
    • has a nice template collection (
  • - does not support knitr, expensive
  • - does not support knitr, expensive
    • general purpose editor supporting dozens of languages
    • No LaTeX-specific help
    • elegant tie-in with Alfresco using sftp
    • implements a shell so you can run R and compile LaTeX to produce pdf
    • $6/month/user to get simultaneous editing and history tracking
  • Google Docs For Reproducible Manuscripts
    • free
    • no LaTeX help
    • file is stored on Google Drive, separate from the data
    • flexible file sharing
    • to get history tracking need to store the file as a Google doc (like .doc; export as text file)
    • after downloading .txt file need to run a simple script to remove two characters at the front of the file and to remove the .txt suffix

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