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This plugin will allow you to create variables in arbitrary topic pages, and not just WebPreferences. You can then refer to those variables from any topic within the same Web or Wiki. (Perhaps a future iteration will support Interwiki references, but that's probably not likely, unless we use XML-RPC or something to cut down the overhead of getting those values from afar.)

Syntax Rules

  • Set a variable:
    * Set VARIABLE_NAME = "some value"

  • Use a variable in the same Web:

  • Use a variable from a different Web:

(setting values is done just like in WebPreferences; with six preceeding spaces, an asterisk, and so on).

TopicVarsPlugin Settings

  • One line description, is shown in the TextFormattingRules topic
  • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Set variables in arbitrary topics and refer to them from other topics within the same web

Plugin Installation Instructions

  • Download the ZIP file from the Plugin web (see below)
  • Unzip in your twiki installation directory. Content:
    File: Description:
    data/System/TopicVarsPlugin.txt Plugin topic
    lib/Foswiki/Plugins/ Plugin Perl module
  • (Dakar) Visit configure in your TWiki installation, and enable the plugin in the {Plugins} section.
  • Check this topic here if the installation was successful
  • Test if the plugin is correctly installed:
  • Set THE_ANSWER = 42
  • You should see the answer here: [42] (%THE_ANSWER%)
  • and here: [42] (%TopicVarsPlugin.THE_ANSWER%)
  • and here: [%System.TopicVarsPlugin.THE_ANSWER%] (%System.TopicVarsPlugin.THE_ANSWER%)

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: TrippLilley
Plugin Version: 15 Nov 2001
Change History: 15 Nov 2001: Initial version
CPAN Dependencies: none
Other Dependencies: none
Perl Version: 5.0
Plugin Home:

Related Topics: InterwikiPlugin

-- TrippLilley - 15 Nov 2001

Topic revision: r1 - 15 Nov 2001, WikiGuest

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