ROC Curve Analysis



  • Implement the ROC functions and produce the plot of the results.
  • Calculate the area of curve.
  • Draw graphic object on screen.
  • Save ROC Curve as .png file in the specified path.


  • Input -
    • The userValue and group columns from wfccm distance report.
  • Output -
    • ROC graphs plot false-positive rates (1-specificity) on the x-axis and true-positive rates (sensitivity) on the y-axis.
    • The area under the ROC curve ranges from zero to one.
  • Functions from R -
    •, function to build objects.
    •, function with rule returning 0 or 1.
    • AUC, compute the area under the curve.
    • trapezint, trapezoidal rule for AUC.
    • tapply, apply a function over a "Ragged" array.
    • approx, R_approx, approx1, interpolation functions.

ROCC Object

ROCC Panel

Graphical Panel


  • Specification Apr 18-May 06 3 weeks
    1. Create specification and place on wiki.

  • Design May 09-May 13 1 week
    1. Design objects needed from requirments.
    2. Create wiki pages containing objcets, methods, members and algorithms.

  • Implementaiton May 16-May 20 1 week
    1. Implement objects.

  • Interface May 23-May 27 1 week
    1. Build the interface.

  • Testing May 30-June 3 1 week
    1. Test to ensure complete, correct product.

  • Graph June 6-June 17 2 weeks
    1. Improve Graphical part to add scales and labels.

  • Timeline modications
    1. 2 weeks added to specification due to complexity issus.
    2. Another 1 week for building the interface.
    3. Another 2 weeks for improving graphical part.

Team Members

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