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Analysis of Repeated (Serial) Measurements   Matthews JNS 1993 A Refinement to the Analysis of Serial Data Using Summary Measures    
Analysis of Repeated (Serial) Measurements   Matthews JNS, Altman DG, Cambell MJ, Royston P 1990 Analysis of Serial Measurements in Medical Research    
Analysis of Repeated (Serial) Measurements   Senn S, Stevens L, Chaturvedi N 2000 Repeated measures in clinical trials: Simple strategies for analysis using summary measures    
Assessing Equivalence   Jones B, Jarvis P, Ebbutt AF 1996 Trials to assess equivalence: The importance of rigorous methods
Confidence Intervals confidence intervals, confidence limits, effect size, significance test, statisitcal significance, sample size, statisitcal power, statisitcal precision, hypothesis testing Borenstein M 1994 The case fir Confidence Intervals in Controlled Clinical Trials    
Confidence Intervals   Braitman LE 1991 Confidenece Intervals Assess Both Clinical Significance and Statistical Significance Also can put in Statisitcal Significance Category  
Confidence Intervals   Braitman LE 1988 Confidence Intervals Extract Clinically Useful Information from Data    
Confidence Intervals   Goodman SN, Berlin JA 1994 The Use of Predicited Confidence Intervals When Planning Experiments and the Misuse of Power When Interpreting Results    
Confidence Intervals   Rothman KJ 1978 A Show of Confidence    
Confidence Intervals   Schenker N, Gentleman JF 2001 On judging the significance of differences by examining the overlap between confidence intervals    
Confidence Intervals   Simon R 1986 Confidence Intervals for Reporting Results of Clinical Trials    
Diagnostic Tests   Balmer D 1975 The Area aboove the Ordinal Dominance Graph and the Area below the Receiver Operating Characteristic Graph    
Diagnostic Tests   Brenner H, Gefeller O 1997 Variation of sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios and predictive values with disease prevalence
Diagnostic Tests   Guggenmoos-Holzmann I, van Houwelingen HC 2000 The (in)validity of sensitivity and specificity
Diagnostic Tests reciever operating characterisitc curve (ROC) Hanley JA, McNeil BJ 1982 The Meaning and Use of the Area under a Reciever Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve    
Diagnostic Tests   Hlatky MA, Pryor DB, Harrell FE Jr, Califf RM, Mark DB, Rosati RA 1984 Factors Affecting Sensitivity and Specificity of Exercise Electrocardiography: Multivariable Analysis    
Diagnostic Tests   Pryor DB, Shaw L, McCants CB, et al 1993 Value of the history and physical examination in identifying patients at increased risk for coronary artery disease
Diagnostic Tests   Sackett DL 1992 A Primer on the Precision and Accuracy of the Clinical Examination    
Diagnostic Tests   Spanos A, Harrell FE Jr, Durack DT 1989 Differential Diagnosis of Acute Meningitis: An Analysis of the Predicitive Value of Initial Observations    
General   Altman DG, Goodman SN, Schroter S 2002 How Statistical Expertise is Used in Medical Research
General clinical protocols, clinical trials. Eligibility determiniation, medical manuscripts, probability, random allocation, blinding, blocking, confidence intervals, p values, software, statistical methods, stratification, study design Bailar JC, Mosteller F 1988 Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in Articles for Medical Journals    
Generalizability of Clinical Trials   Dans AL, Dans LF, Guyatt GH, Richardson S, The Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. 1998 How to decide on the applicability of clinical trial results to your patient Also can put in Reporting of Clincial Trials category
Generalizability of Clinical Trials randomized controlled trials,mathematical modeling, meta-analysis, mega-trials, heterogencity, magnesium, acute myocardinal infraction, HIV, AIDS Ioannidis JPA, Lau J 1997 The impact of high-risk patients on the results of clinical trials Also can put in Reporting of Clincial Trials or Meta-Anaylsis Publicatican Bias categories
Graphics   Anscombe FJ 1973 Graphs in Statistical Analysis
Graphics   Carr DB 2001 Designing linked micromap plots for states with many counties
Graphics statistical graphics Cleveland WS 1984 Graphs in Scientific Publications
Graphics statisitcal map, psychophysics, bootstrap, computer graphics, barycentric graph Cleveland WS, McGill R 1983 A Color-Caused Optical Illusion on a Statistical Graph
Graphics computer graphics, psychophysics Cleveland WS, McGill R 1984 Graphical perception: Theory, experimentation, and application to the development of graphical methods.
Graphics data reduction, graph, table, visual display Gelman A, Pasarica C, Dodhia R 2002 Let's practice what we preach: Turning tables into graphs    
Graphics bar graph, pie graph, dot chart, graphical display, catetorical data Singer PA, Feinstein AR 1993 Graphical Display of Categorical Data    
Graphics   Stellman SD 1985 Comment on "Graphs in Scientific Publications" In letter to editors, as response to the 1984 paper http;//
Graphics graphics, data display, data density, data-ink ratio Wainer H 1984 How to Display Data Badly
Measuring Change   Cole, TJ 2000 Sympercents: symmetric percentage differences on the 100 loge scale simplify the presentation of log transformed data    
Measuring Change baseline, change, difference, precentage change, post-treatment, relative change, ratio Kaiser L 1989 Adjusting for Baseline: Change or Percentage Change?    
Measuring Change random effects model, wilcoxon signed rank test, analysis of variance, distribution-free tests Maritz JS 1985 Models and the Use of Signed Rank Tests    
Measuring Change   SingerJM, Andrade DF 1997 Regression models for the analysis of pretest/posttest data
Measuring Change relative change, log change, logarithm, log percentage, logarithmic mean Törnqvist L, Vartia P, Vartia YO 1985 How should relative changes be measured?
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias effect size, paired t-test, repeated measures Dunlap WP, Cortina JM, Vaslow JB, Burke MJ 1996 Meta-analysis of experiments with matched groups or repeated measures designs an alternate formula for calculating effect size with repeated measures  
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias meta-analysis, randomized clinical trials, methodology, evaluation of therapy Gerbarg ZB, Horwitz RI 1988 Resolving Conflicting Clinical Trials: Guidelines for Meta-Analysis    
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Irwig L, Tosteson A, Gatsonis C, Lau J, Colditz G, Chalmers TC, Mosteller F 1994 Guidelines for meta-analyses evaluating diagnostic tests Also can put in Diagnostic Tests category
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Kasiske BL, Lakatua JDA, Ma JZ, Louis TA 1998 A meta-analysis of the effects of dietary protein restriction on the rate of decline in renal function    
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias homogenity, literature search, meta-analysis, objectives, pooling techniques, protocol development, research, research design, sensitivity and specificity L'Abbe' KA, Detsky AS, O'Rourke K 1987 Meta - Analysis in Clinical Research    
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Levey AS, Schmid CH, Lau J 1998 Antilymphocyte antibodies, renal transplantation, and meta-analysis Also can put in Subgroup Analysis catergory
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Normand SLT 1999 Tutorial in biostatistics: Meta-analysis: Formulating, evaluating, combining, and reporting
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Sacks HS, Berrier J, Reitman D, Ancona-Berk VA, Chalmers TC 1987 Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials    
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Shapiro S 1997 Is meta-analysis a valid approach to the evaluation of small effects in observational studies?
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias   Sharp SJ, Thompson SG, Altman DG 1996 The relation between treatment benefit and underlying risk in meta-analysis
Meta-Analysis, Publication Bias low-protien diet, systematic review, controlled clincial trials, GFR Thompson LG 1994 Why sources of heterogeneity in meta-analysis should be investigated
Multiple Comparison Procedures bonferroni-type procedures, familywise error tests, multiple comparison procedures, p-values Benjamini Y, Hochberg Y 1995 Controlling the False Discovery Rate:A Practical and Powerful Approach to Multiple Testing seminal article on the false discovery rate approach to multiple testing problem
Multiple Comparison Procedures multiple test, multiple comparison, multiple test procedure, multiple comparison procedure, MCP Dunnett CW; Tamhane AC 1992 A step up multiple test procedure
Multiple Comparison Procedures bonferroni, multiple comparison procedure, MCP Simes RJ 1986 An improved bonferroni procedure for multiple tests of significance
Multivariable Models   Braitman LE, Davidoff F 1996 Predicting Clinical State in Individual Patients    
Multivariable Models predictive models, ordinal logistic regression Brazier SR, Pancotta FS, Long TT, Harrell FE Jr, Lee KL, Tyor MP, Pryor DB 1991 Using Ordinal Logistic Regression to Estimate the likelihoof of Colorectal Neoplasia    
Multivariable Models   Concato J, Feinstein AR, Holford TR 1993 The risk of determining risk with multivariable models
Multivariable Models   Harrell FE Jr, Lee KL, Mark DB 1996 Tutorial in Biostatisitics Multivariable Prognostic Models: Issues in Developing Models, Evaluating Assumptions and Adequacy, and Measuring and Reducing Errors    
Multivariable Models   Harrell FE Jr, Lee KL, Pollock BG 1988 Regression Models in Clinical Studies: Determining Relationships between Predictors and Response    
Multivariable Models   Katz MH 2003 Multivariable analysis: A primer for readers of medical research
Multivariable Models   Laupacis A, Sekar N, Stiell IG 1996 Clinical prediction rules: A review and suggested modifications of methodological standards
Multivariate Permutation Testing multivariate permutation test, Hotelling, multivariate Blair RC, Higgins JJ, Karniski W, Kromrey JD 1994 A Study of Multivariate Permutation Tests Which May Replace Hotelling's T-squared Test in Prescribed Circumstances evidence for use of wilcoxon instead of t-test for mixed normal distributions which are common in psychology and psychiatry  
Multivariate Permutation Testing   Blair RC, Karniski W 1994 Distribution-Free Statistical Analyses of Surface and Volumetric Maps    
Multivariate Permutation Testing Waveform analysis, Permutation tests, Significance testing Blair RC, Karniski W 1993 An Alternative Method for Significance Testing of Waveform Difference Potentials    
Multivariate Permutation Testing multiple endpoint assessment, Monte Carlo methods Blair RC, Troendle JF, Beck RW 1996 Control of familywise errors in multiple endpoint assessments via stepwise permutation tests    
Multivariate Permutation Testing randomization tests Fortin MJ, Jacquez GM, Shipley B 2002 Computer-intensive Methods    
Multivariate Permutation Testing Brain Topography, Statistics, Evoked Potentials, Electroencephalography (EEG), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Karniski W, Blair RC, Snider AD 1994 An Exact Statistical Method for Comparing Topographic Maps, with Any Number of Subjects and Electrodes    
Multivariate Permutation Testing Resampling, significance level Troendle JF 1995 A Stepwise Resampling Methof of Multiple Hypothesis Testing    
Multivariate Permutation Testing multivariate permutation testing, correlation, EEG Yoder PJ, Blackford JU, Waller NG, Kim G 2004 Enhancing Power While Controlling Family-Wise Error: An Illustration of the Using Electrocortical Studies    
Nonparametric Tests   Tanizaki H 1997 Power Comparison of Non-Parametric Tests: Small-Sample Properties from Monte-Carlo Experiments comparison of various non-parametric tests with the t-test from small sample sizes  
Observational Studies, Retrospective Studies, Bias, Adjustment nonrandomized studies, observational studies, retrospective studies, prospective studies, statistical adjustment D'Agostino RB, Kwan H 1995 Measuring Effectiveness: What to Expect Without a Randomized Control Group    
Power Analysis power Cohen, J 1992 A Power Primer    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Altman DG 1991 Categorising Continuous Variables    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Altman DG 1998 Suboptimal Analysis Using "Optimal" Cutpoints    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Altman DG, Lausen B, sauerbrei W, Schumacher M 1994 Dangers of Using "Optimal" Cutpoints in the evaluation of Prognostic Factors    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Becher H 1992 The Concept of Residual Confounding in Regression Models and Some Application    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable optimized cutoff points, continuous prognostic factors, categorization, simulation study, primary cutaneous melanoma, tumor thickness Buettner P, Garbe C, Guggenmoos-Holzmann I 1997 Problems in defining cutoff points of continuous prognostic factors: Example of tumor thickness in primary cutaneous melanoma
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Faraggi D. Simon R 1996 A Simulation Study of cross-validation for selecting an optimal cutpoint in univariate survial analysis    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Hilsenbeck SG, Clark GM 1996 Practical p-value Adjustment for Optimally Selected Cutpoints    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable maximally selected test statistics, shrinkage methods, bootstrap remodeling, confidence intervals, prognostic factors, risk factors Hollander N, Sauerbrei W, Schumacher M 2004 Confidence intervals for the effect of a prognostic factor after selection of an `optimal' cutpoint    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable assesment of prognostic factors, censored data, maximally selected test statisitcs, optimization of cutoff values Lausen B, Schumacher M 1996 Evaluating the effect of optimized cutoff values in the assessment of prognostic factors
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Maxwell SE, Delaney HD 1993 Bivariate median splits and spurious statistical significance    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable dichotomizing, logisitic regression, odds ratio, linear regression, confidence intervals Moser BK, Coombs LP 2004 Odds ratios for a continuous outcome variable without dichotomizing    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable dichotomous outcomes, data analysis, measures of association, odds ratio, prevalence studies, prevalence ratio, statisitcal power, study design Ragland DR 1992 Dichotomizing Continuous Outcome Variables: Depndance of the Magnitude of Association and Statisitcal Power on the Cutpoint    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable bias (epidemiology), electromagnetic fields, epidemiological methods, models, statistical, neoplasms, power sources Schulgen G, Lausen B, Olsen JH, Schumacher M 1994 Outcome-Oriented Cutpoints in Analysis of Quantitative Exposures    
Problems from Categorizing a Continuous Variable   Suissa S, Blais L 1995 Binary Regression with Continuous Outcomes    
Propensity Scores demonstrates use of propensity score subclassification methods with a large dataset Rubin DB 1997 Estimating Casual Effects from Large Data Sets using Propensity Scores    
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Asilomar Working Group 1996 Checklist of Information for Inclusion in Reports of Clinical Trials    
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Begg C, Cho M, Eastwood S, Horton R, Moher D, Olkin I, Pitkin R, Rennie D, Schultz KF, Simel D, Stroup DF 1996 Improving the Quality of Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials: The CONSORT Statement    
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Califf RM, Adams KF, McKenna WJ, et al 1997 A randomized controlled trial of epoprostenol therapy for severe congestive heart failure: The Flolan International Randomized Survival Trial (FIRST)    
Reporting of Clinical Trials randomization, control trial, bias Chalmer TC, Smith H, Blackburn B, Silverman B, Schroeder B, Reitman D, Ambroz A 1981 A Method for Assessing the Quality of a Randomized Control Trial    
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Cohn V 2001 A perspective from the press: How to help reporters tell the truth Also can put in Observational Studies Retrospective Studies Bias Adjustment category
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Counsell CE, Clarke MJ, Slattery J, Sandercock PAG 1994 The miracle of DICE therapy for acute stroke: fact or fictional product of subgroup analysis? Also can put in Meta-Analysis Publication Bias or Subgroup Analysis categories
Reporting of Clinical Trials   Hadorn DC, Baker D, Hodges JS, Hicks N 1996 Rating the quality of evidence for clinical practice guidelines    
Reporting of Clinical Trials clinical trials, regulatory review, IND, PLA, statistics Lynch CJ, Lachenbruch PA 1996 Statistical issues in biologics submissions to the FDA    
Reporting of Clinical Trials   The Standards of Reporting Trials Group 1994 A proposal for structured reporting of randomized controlled trials
Reporting of Survival Analyses survival analysis, review, statistics Altman DG, De Stavola BL, Love SB, Stepniewska KA 1995 Review of survival analyses published in cancer journals    
Reporting of Survival Analyses   Bull K, Spiegelhalter D 1997 Survival analysis in observational studies Can also put in Multivariable Models or Observational Studies Retrospective Studies Bias Adjustment categories
Reporting of Survival Analyses   Justice AC, Covinsky KE, Berlin JA 1999 Assessing the generalizability of prognostic information Can also put in Multivariable Models category
Reporting of Survival Analyses   Knaus WA, Harrell FE, Lynn J, et al 1995 The SUPPORT prognostic model: Objective estimates of survival for seriously ill hospitalized adults Can also put in Multivariable Models category
Sample Size Determination   Lenth RV 2001 Some practical guidelines for effective sample size determination    
Statistical Significance   Altman DG, Bland JM 1995 Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
Statistical Significance   Rothman KJ 1986 Significance Questing    
Statistical Significance   Sheiner LB 1991 The intellectual health of clinical drug evaluation Can Also be put into Reporting of Clinical Trials Category  
Subgroup Analysis   Oxman AD, Guyatt GH 1992 A Consumer's Guide to Subgroup Analysis    
Subgroup Analysis   Wedel H, DeMets D, et al 2001 Challenges of subgroup analyses in multinational clinical trials: Experiences from the MERIT-HF trial
Subgroup Analysis   Yusuf S, Wittes J, Probstfield J, Tyroler HA 1991 Analysis in Interpretation of Treatment Effects in Subgroups of Patients in Randomized Clinical Trials    
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