Information on Xforms

See for a nice tutorial on xforms. This is (finally) something I can understand without having to plow through a bunch if disorgnized documents.

xforms uses xml to describe the web pages. There are all kinds of buttons, boxes, drop-downs, labels, etc that are available. Data this is entered by the user is returned to the server in xml from. php can be used to process the data upon reciept since most php implementations can parse xml. This means that integration with MySQL could be done without too much pain.

Validation can be done in the form. Quite complicated data validation can be done with xforms and additional validation can be done by defining objects in xml schemes.

There is a usenet group call fa.xforms for discussing xforms issues. What does "fa" mean?

This looks helpful

I like the concept of "separation of the data being collected from the markup of the controls collecting the individual values". This would make the programming much more modular than other forms packages I have seen.


Possible issues:
  • xml can be displayed differently in different browsers

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