Xi (Steven) Chen

Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Division of Cancer Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
549 Preston Research Building
Nashville, TN 37232-6848

phone: (615) 936-2785
fax: (615) 936-2602

Research Interests

  • Statistical Methods for Genomic Data
  • Next generation sequencing data analysis
  • Systems Biology
  • Statistical Learning and Data Mining
  • Statistical Genetics
  • Cancer Prognosis
  • Cancer Subtypes Identification

Postdoctoral Position Available


PhD in Statistics
North Carolina State University, 2006
Dissertation: Characterizing the Genetic Structure of Populations
Advisor: Dr Bruce S Weir

MS in Molecular Genetics
North Carolina State University, 2002

Work Experience

Associate Professor (with tenure) 2015-present
Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University

Assistant Professor 2009 - 2014
Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University

Assistant Staff 2006 - 2009
Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, Cleveland Clinic

Methodology Grants

1R01 CA158472-01A1 Integrative prediction models for metastasis risk in colon cancer 2012 - 2017
Total cost: $2,322,322
Role: PI

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Support Grant (Pilot and Feasibility Project Grants 2010) 2010 - 2011
Role: PI

Media Coverage

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Identifying subtypes of triple negative breast cancer (collaboration with Dr Pietenpol)

VUMC Reporter 2012

VUMC Reporter 2011

Oncology Times: Identifying subtypes in triple-negative breast cancer

LEADcast, a critical appraisal of "Indentification of Human Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Subtypes and Preclinical Models for Selection of Targeted Therapies"

Cancer network

The ASCO Post

Building prediction model for colon cancer prognosis

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Support Grant


"Triple Negative Breast Cancer Diagnostic for Personalized Medicine", Jennifer Pietenpol, Brian Lehmann, Josh Bauer, Xi Chen, VU12047.


TNBCtype: A subtyping tool for triple-negative breast cancer


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