Making Dot Charts in R

Rachel Hayes <rachel.m.hayes@Vanderbilt.Edu> brought a problem to R Clinic on 23Oct08. The Hmisc Dotplot function can produce multi-panel dot charts with error bars while the Hmisc dotchart2 function is useful for showing auxiliary data (e.g., sample sizes) in the right margin.

a <- apr

pa <- factor(ifelse(a$peds==0, 'Adult', 'Pediatric'))
dept <- factor(sample(letters[1:30], nrow(a), replace=TRUE))

rdept <- with(a, reorder(dept, oe_dead, mean))
Dotplot(rdept ~ oe_dead | pa, data=a)

     dotchart2(oe_dead, auxdata=total_obs,
## add another variable with different symbol
  .... add=TRUE, pch=2, ...

## See also ~/doc/teaching/hes/statcomp/Notes/graphscourse.pdf
##          ~/doc/Talks/ACDRS/analysis.r in Frank's files
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