Qi Liu, Ph.D.

Professor of Bioinformatics

Technical Director of VANGARD


E-mail: qi.liu@vanderbilt.edu; qi.liu@vumc.org

Phone: 615.322.6618

Fax: 615.936.2602

Office: Room 10114, 2525 West End Ave

Nashville, TN, 37203
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Department of Biostatistics
2525 West End, Ste. 11126
Nashville, TN 37203-2158

Research Interests

Dr. Liu's research focuses on integrating multi-omics data to address fundamental biological questions.
  • Spatial omics data analysis
  • Single-cell omics data analysis
  • Single-cell Multiomics integration
  • transcriptomics, genomics and epigenomics data
  • Transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation
  • Enhancer-mediated regulation
  • and More

Softwares and Databases

  • An atlas of non-coding small RNA abundance profiling and sorting in human Extracellular Vesicles and Particles
 EVPsort: https://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/evpsort/

  • SIngle-cell transcriptomics normalization
scKWARN: https://github.com/cyhsuTN/scKWARN

  • Single cell and spatial transcriptomics data clustering based on adaptive k-nearest neighbor graph

aKNNO: https://github.com/liuqivandy/aKNNO

  • Spatial pattern and co-localization

spaGene: https://github.com/liuqivandy/SpaGene

  • Quantify cellular composition diversity across single cell transcriptomics data
scUniFrac: https://github.com/liuqivandy/scUnifrac

  • Quality control of multiple single cell transcriptomics data

scRNABatchQC: https://github.com/liuqivandy/scRNABatchQC

  • Multi-resolution cell type annotation for single cell transcriptomics data

scMRMA: https://github.com/JiaLiVUMC/scMRMA

  • Predict TSS for human intergenic miRNA using GRO/PRO-seq data

mirSTP: http://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/mirSTP/

  • Analyze Nascent transcriptomics profile from GRO/PRO-Seq data
NRSA: http://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/NRSA/

  • Human active enhancers database to interpret regulatory variants

HACER: http://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/AE/HACER/

  • Immunotherapy-related genomics portal in Melanoma

Immu-Mela: http://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/database/Immu-Mela/

  • Immunotherapy-related genomics portal in Pan-cancer studies
Cancer-Immu: http://bioinfo.vanderbilt.edu/database/Cancer-Immu/


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=iDa_EYUAAAAJ&hl=en
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