For researchers: Tips for attending Biostatistics Clinic

The Department of Biostatistics provides a daily Biostatistics Clinic held Monday through Friday. The clinic provides expert biostatistical advice for researchers at any level of experience. Some of the many questions a researcher may have for a biostatistician may be: What type of analysis should I conduct? How large should my sample size be? How should I design my study? What model should I use? Here are some tips that may be useful for researchers preparing to attend the clinic.

To get the most benefit from Biostatistics Clinic:

  • Be prepared to give a short, informal overview of your project and explain what questions you have.
  • Come with a clear idea of what you would like to learn from the clinic.
  • Be familiar with the existing literature. This will assist in understanding possible confounders, limitations, and methods used by other researchers.
  • Be familiar with the type of data that you have or will collect: what variables will be (or have been) collected, and how will (were) they be measured (nominal, ordinal, continuous, categorical, etc...)?
  • Ask questions to address your expectations and concerns.
  • Make sure you understand the advice given during the clinic and have a planned course of action.

While all of your questions may not be answered exhaustively within the clinic hour, the clinic biostatisticians will try and address as many questions as possible. For further assistance, a researcher may attend future clinics and/or schedule a biostatistical consultation by contacting the:

                            Department of Biostatistics
                            2525 West End Ave
                            Suite 1100
                            Nashville, TN 37203-1741
                            (615) 322-2001 fax (615) 343-4924
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