Form definition for MicroArrayMassSpec projects

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
ProjectClassification select 1   Project type
StudyName text 60   Name of the study
PrimaryInvestigator text 60 Main. Primary investigator's name
PrimaryContact text 60 Main. Study's primary contact's name
PrimaryContactEmail text 60 E-mail address for the study's primary contact
PrimaryContactPhone text 20 615. Phone number for the study's primary contact
DataType select 1   Data type
DataReceivedOn text 12   When the data was received
DataReceivedBy text 60 Main. Who received the data
ResearchDriveLocation text 60   Where the data is on the research drive
ProjectStatus select 1   The current project state

Possibly add a ProjectStage to better define the "Active" state.
Topic revision: r2 - 12 May 2005, WillGray

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