Massion MDA Mouse Study

  • Start Date: 31 August 2004
  • Finish Date: 20 September 2004
  • Research Drive Directory: /Massion/040831/
  • Data Type: MassSpec
  • Notes:
  • Status: 100%

Analysis Requests

  1. find out masses that distinguish in 5 groups
    • G1&2&3 vs. Normal
    • G1 vs. G2
    • G1 vs. G3
    • G1 vs. G1&2
  2. find out over/under express level for 3 conditions
    • mass has intensity in all of G1, G2 and G3, but none of normal
    • mass has intensity in both G1 and G2, but none of G1
    • mass has intensity in G3, but G3


  • Distance result of 5 groups: ./Nimish
  • Distance summary: ./Nimish
  • Powerpoint report: ./Nimish
  • custom run for each group: ./Nimish
  • expression level result: ./ExpLevel

Change Log: none

Contact Info:

  • Primary Study Contact Person: Wardwell Noel


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