How to Obtain Updates to Individual Functions in R Packages Between Releases

This page shows you how to read in source code to override functions in a package. The source code is automatically downloaded from our Subversion repository. The package whose functions you are overriding must already be attached using the library() command. Be sure to not save your R workspace at the end of the R session, or you will permanently override functions in future releases of the package. The approach outlined here is meant to be used every time a script is run, assuming you have a good internet connection.

If you have a version of the Hmisc package installed that is later than version 3.1-1, you already have the getLatestSource function so you can skip step 2. To determine the version of Hmisc you have installed, type library(help='Hmisc')
  1. In R type library(Hmisc)
  2. Type source('')
  3. Run this command to get a list of the latest version of all available files containing functions in a package:
    getLatestSource(package='packagename', avail=TRUE)
    Omitting the package name implies you are accessing the Hmisc package
  4. Run this command to source() in the 5 most recently updated functions in the Design package:
    getLatestSource(package='Design', recent=5)
  5. Run this command to update two functions in Hmisc:

This will not get you updates to documentation. To view the latest documentation (although in the R help file markup language) go to our Subversion repository or click on the following links:
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