EmbedBibPlugin How-to

The EmbedBibPlugin has been modified by JeffreyHorner. The old way of referencing %EmbedBib% still works, but here are the new instructions.

  1. Refer to the location of the .bib file before a citation: %EMBEDBIB{webname=NAME topic=TOPIC style=STYLE bibfile=FILE}%
    • Normally, webname will be "Main". Topic will be the location of the uploaded .bib file, such as "EmbedBibPluginDoc". Style will either be "bibtex" or "html" (recommended). The .bib file is the name of the file.
    • It should be noted that all citations following the tag will refer to this .bib file. If only one .bib file is being used for a topic, then the %EmbedBib% tag is only needed once. Otherwise, the tag is needed before every change in .bib files.
  2. Cite all references within the topic: %CITE{key=KEY}%
    • The key is a unique ID for each listing in the .bib file. This tag will be replaced with a superscripted index, where the index is a link to the bibliographies at the bottom of the page.
    • You may also specify webname, topic, style, and bibfile here instead of using an EmbedBib tag.
    • Writing key= is optional. In addition if you leave this off, do not place quotes around the key value.
  3. Display the bibliographies: %BIBLIOGRAPHY%
    • This tag creates all bibliographies below a horizontal line.

  • Note of great importance: This plugin is still being perfected. If you use this plugin, you may lose the ability to see the Diffs on your topic.

  • Are there any possible shortcuts?


%EMBEDBIB{webname="Main" topic="ColeBeck" style="bibtex" bibfile="feh.bib"}%
Cox%CITE{cox72}% and Walker and Duncan%CITE{wal67}% are two articles worth noting.

Cox1 and Walker and Duncan2 are two articles worth noting.


-- ColeBeck - 17 May 2004
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