Continuing Education Seminar Series

Continuing Education Seminar Series are scheduled on the third Friday of each month at 1pm-2pm in the large conference room (11105). If you would like to learn more about a particular topic or interested in presenting, please send an email.
  • 2017 Fall Semester:
    • August 4th. Matt Shotwell. Title: How to Make Approximate Confidence or Credible Intervals for Nearly Any Quantity
    • October 20th. Jeffrey Blume. Title: Using Lasso and Relaxed Lasso in R
    • December 7th. Amber Hackstadt. Title: An Introduction to Propensity Score Methods
  • 2018 Spring Semester:
    • January 19th. Tatsuki Koyama. Title: Automated CV generation (with publication list!) with R
    • February 16th. Robert Greevy. Title: Why aren't we all taking metformin to prevent cancer? A lesson in HSR study design
    • April 20th. Thomas Stewart. Title: Customizing the look of your R Markdown reports
    • May 18th. Hakmook Kang. Title: An overview of MRI data analysis
  • 2018 Fall Semester:
    • August 17th. Chang Yu. Title: A chat on multiple comparisons
    • September 14th. Ben Saville. Title: Introduction to Bayesian methods and implementation via R/JAGS
    • October 19th. Hui Nian. Title: Provider profiling with bayesian hierarchical modeling
    • November 16th. Shi Huang. Title: Causal mediation analysis with binary/ordered categorical M/Y
  • 2019 Spring Semester
    • January 18th. Laurie Samuels. Title: Keeping up with changing ideas about sex, gender, race, and ethnicity. slides
    • March 15th. Sheau-Chiann Chen. Title: A shiny application for optimal selection of phase I adaptive designs with scenario randomizer
    • April 19th. Christina Saunders. Title: Mediators, confounders, colliders, oh my! Using causal diagrams to decide which variables to adjust for in regression models. CTSaunders_CausalDiagrams.pdf
  • 2019 Fall Semester
    • August 16th. Bryan Shepherd. Title: Analyzing continuous response data using ordinal regression models
    • September 20th. Simon Vandekar. Title: Why I think I like effect sizes and why I think you should like effect sizes too
    • November 15th. Frank Harrell. Title: Overview of statistical inference and Bayesian examples for means and proportions
  • 2020 Spring Semester
    • February 21st. Hannah Weeks. Title: Extracting medication information form clinical notes using medExtractR.
    • April 17th. Shilin Zhao. Title: RnaSeqSampleSize: real data based sample size estimation for RNA sequencing
  • 2020 Fall Semester
    • October 16th. Frank Harrell Title: A new R package rmsb and its Bayesian proportional odds model that is being used in COVID trials
    • November 20th. Ran Tao Title: An Introduction of Mendelian Randomization
  • 2021 Spring Semester
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