Collaboration Policies

The Department of Biostatistics has a collaboration protected time cost-sharing plan. This plan funds time for biostatisticians to be involved in developing research programs in other departments. The purpose of the plan is to avoid the common problem in biostatistics units in academic medical centers in which statisticians constantly get allocated to funded grants and have no time for working on new medical research opportunities other than renewals of existing grants. For a full-time faculty member specializing in a branch of medical research, this involves a department or division paying for 64% of the salary of a tenure-track PhD biostatistician to get 80% of their collaborative time. The Department pays for 1/5 of non-grant-funded time devoted to the other department. Support for an M.S.-level biostatistician, whose time we bill by the hour as part of our Biostatistics Collaborating Center, is also recommended, in the ratio of 2.5:1 for M.S.:PhD efforts. The collaboration plan allows biostatisticians to work in development of ideas and grants in the other department, as well as teach, work with journal clubs, assist with research conferences, mentor K-awardees, etc. It is our hope that as biostatisticians get grant funded by the collaborating department that the amount of time allocated to research development remains somewhat constant. Click here for details about the program.

-- FrankHarrell - 21 May, 4 Nov 2004, 28 Oct 2005, 19 May 2010
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