Possible Collaborative Editing Workflows

  1. Statistician puts document template online and shares with collaborators
  2. Statistical analysis plan put in a special section of the document with a new LaTeX macro such that printing can be easily turned off at the end
  3. Analysis commences along with main author writing to initial sections
  4. PDF manuscript periodically recreated by statistician, stored as a shared document
  5. Iterate
  6. Put LaTeX markers in the file to indicate which analyses are to be packaged for the online supplement and not appear in the manuscript
  7. When all writing and analyses are done, have an administrative assistant convert the .tex document to Word, meeting journal style requirements
    • Use htlatex from TeX4ht to convert .tex to .html to give to assistant
  8. To convert tables that do not contain complexities such as pictures inside the cells, us the Hmisc package html function with method='hevea'
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