Cole and Will Fantasy Sports Application


An application that will facilitate fantasy sports drafts. Our first priority is football. It needs to import statistics from previous year(s) and possibly projections for the next year. Then, based on current need, availability, and player value based on projected points, determine the best player to pick. It should keep track of all players drafted for all teams and give a final report that can be exported.


  • List all players with stats
    • all/available
    • all/by position
    • sort and filter
  • Compute fantasy "points" based on modifiers
    • load/Edit/Save fantasy points modifiers for all categories
  • Player information
    • load from/save to file
    • add/remove players
  • League information
    • load from/save to file
    • name, number of teams and names, roster breakdown, money
  • Draft
    • load from/save to file
    • serpentine, straight, auction
    • trading picks/players/money
    • display current breakdown of teams
  • Projection
    • suggest best player overall, by position, based on team need
    • auction price, round selected
    • determine cutoff for drop in talent
    • include tier, position scarcity in algorithm
  • Report
    • draft summary
    • free agents
  • Other
    • include bye weeks
    • give higher value to players that backup one of your starters (esp. RB)


The Coordinator

I found an application on the Internet called The Coordinator that is used for Fantasy Football draft planning. Doing something similar to this shouldn't be hard, except for the formulas used to determine players' values and when they will be drafted. I don't think it would be of much help in an auto-draft.


  • Set up league - name, number of teams, number of rounds, draft type (straight/serpentine), roster size, max players at each position
  • Overview - easily view the current roster of each team
  • Player analysis - import stats, formulas to determine "points" and "value"
  • Draft - run draft, keeps track of players drafted/available and suggests the best player for the next pick
  • Reports - cheetsheet, team, and draft (seem redundant)
  • Other - lists bye weeks for players (don't know if this figures into the equations), colors by position


  • Slow - the program seems unresponsive
  • Missing features
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