Report of Biostatistician Collaborations for the Division of Clinical Pharmacology

last updated 01/13/06

Autonomic Disorder Group
  • Grant Application
    • Investigators: Satish R. Raj, Cyndya Shibao, Italo Biaggioni
    • Investigators: Emily M. Garland, David Robertson Jr.

Richard Kim's Lab
  • Grant Application
    • Richard Ho and Richard Kim's Grant Application
    • Richard Kim and Ute Schwarz's Grant Application with Silver Heidi
  • Data Analysis
    • Pravastatin Pharmacogenetic Study
      • genotype difference in Pravastatin pharmacokinetics and bilirubin level

Michael Stein and Alastair Wood's Lab
  • Grant Application
    • Michael Stein and Daniel Kurnick (Eitan Ari Friedman)'s Grant Application
OTHER (short consulting)
  • Brian F. McBride (10/26/05, 11/08/05)
    • Program for finding confidence interval for the difference in ED50s
  • Indu Taneja (11/03/05)
    • Data analysis plan for evaluating blood pressure differences in treatment groups (suggested how to construct outcomes and appropriate analysis method)
  • David Adler (11/29/05)
    • Validation of assay
  • Alfredo Gamboa (01/05/06)
    • Grant application
  • Ute Schwarz (01/25/06)
    • Interpretation and writing of result in a paper
  • Italo Biaggioni (02/24/06)
    • Dosing regimen to ensure a minimum level of drug concentration
  • Cyndya Shibao (03/13/06)
    • Statistical analysis for a grant proposal (longitudinal cross-over study)
  • Sean Davies (03/13/06)
    • Data analysis and reporting (two-way ANOVA)

Teaching and Seminar
  • Grand Rounds
    • Seminar: "Pharmacokinetics, Pharmcodynamics, and Statistical Modelling" on Nov. 1, 2005
  • Fellows Conferences
    • Attend to understand research in clinical pharmacology
    • Teach "Basic Statistics Course" coming on March-April, 2006
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