HPV Study

  • Start Date: 23 Nov 2004
  • Due date: 02 Dec 2004
  • Research Drive Directory: /Chung/041119
  • Data Type: MicroArray
  • Notes
    • data has been normalized and log transformed
    • adjust data using "Median center" before generating cluster of custom result so that different gene expression can be seen
  • Status: 100% complete


  1. top200 list : ./deliverable
  2. Powerpoint report: ./deliverable
  3. graphs: ./deliverable


  1. There is no missing values since it used Perfect Match to normalize.
  2. Original data set is log transformed.

Analysis Requests

  1. Apply Leave One Out based on negtive and positive groups
  2. Custom run

Change Log:

  • March 24th, 2005, changed one sample from pos. to neg.

Contact Info:

  • Primary Study Contact Person: Christine H. Chung


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