Chuan Zhou, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Picture of Chuan Zhou
Phone: 615.343.4472
Fax: 615.343.4924
Office: MCN D-2207
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Department of Biostatistics
S-2323 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2158

NEJM Rosiglitazone paper by Nissan and Wolski

Curriculum Vitae

PhD Dissertation

Research Interests

  • Bayesian modeling and statistical computing
  • High volume and functional data analysis
  • Clinical trials and health service research
  • Diagnostics, missing data and causal inference

Future Directions

  • Clinical research in emergency medicine setting
  • Nutritional epidemiology
  • Efficient Bayesian computation for high volume data


  1. Storrow AB, Miller KF, Zhou C, Mayor J, Harrow J, Han JH, Harris PA, Polyshchuk V, Kudriavtsev V.(2007). Improving the stethoscope: optimizing computerized analysis of heart tones in emergency department patients with possible heart failure. J Cardiac Fail, 13:S95.
  2. Hoot, N., Zhou, C., and Aronsky, D. (2007). Measuring and Forecasting Emergency Department Crowding in Real Time. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 49(6):747-755.
  3. Han, J., Zhou, C., Zhong, S. France, D., Jones, I., and Aronsky, D. (2007). The Effect of Emergency Department Expansion on Emergency Department Overcrowding and Ambulance Diversion. Academic Emergency Medicine, 14(4):338-43.
  4. Monahan, K., Zhou, C., Rose, J., and Adler, D. (2006) Determinants of changes in serial B-type natriuretic peptide levels in hospitalized patients. Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology, 9:31-36.
  5. Wakefield, J., Zhou, C. and Self, G. (2003.) Modeling gene expression data over time: curve clustering with informative prior distributions. Bayesian Statistics 7.
  6. Zhou, X., Castelluccio, P. and Zhou, C. (2005). Non-parametric estimation of ROC curves in the absence of a gold standard. Biometrics, 61(2): 600-610.
  7. Zhou, C. and Wakefield, J. (2005). A Bayesian hierarchical mixture model for curve partitioning. Biometrics, 62(2): 515-526.


  1. Zhou, C., Wakefield, J. and Breeden, L. (2006). "Bayesian analysis of cell cycle gene expression data" in "Bayesian Inference for Gene Expression and Proteomics", Marina Vannucci, Kim Anh Do and Peter M\"uller (editors), Cambridge University Press.
  2. Your Book # 2
  3. Your Book # 3

Software Libraries

  • JAGS - Just Another Gibbs Sampler
  • GSL - GNU Scientific Library


  • Bayesian meta analysis: Slides, data, programs and instructions can be found in bmeta.tar.gz

Course Material

  • Example programs
  • Data sets


  • American Statistical Association
  • International Biometric Society (WNAR)


Born in Beijing, China. Went to Beijing No. 4 Middle School, then Peking University, then University of Maryland Baltimore County, then University of Washington, then Vanderbilt University. Conclusion: I have spent all my life in schools, that's no good. But, wait, I am not a student any more, yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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