Anesthesiology - Biostatistics Collaboration Plan

Ongoing studies

Project PI Staff Page Updated Status
Global Burden of Pain Survey Tracy Jackson XL, MS   2016-08-29 manuscript preparation
On vs Off Pump Jason O'neal XL, MS   2016-09-07 manuscript preparation
Peer Support Following a Critical Patient Incident Buffy Krauser XL, MS   2016-09-20 data analysis: descriptive statistics - completed
Burnout Surveys Hyman & Card YS, MS ASPANBurnout 2016-11-15 analysis done; SF-12 composite scores calculated
Aintree Airway Study Antonio Hernandez YS, MS   2016-09-26 analysis complete; manuscript preparation
Ortho Trauma Study Chris Sobey YS, MS   2016-11-15 data management follow up
SAH AKI New Study Avinash Kumar YS, MS   2017-03-20 report sent to investigator
Statin RCT and Oxidative Stress Josh Billings YS, JS link 2017-03-13 additional analysis done and report sent to PI
Catheter Depth Study (RCT, Agitation study) Cliff Bowens, Ignacio Badiola YS, JS CatheterBowens 2017-03-07 1st paper resubmitted; 2nd paper manuscript preparation
SSRT Attention Decrement ICU Project Joe Schlesinger, Merrick Miles YS, MS SchlesingerPower 2016-11-10 manuscript preparation
Liver Transplant Study Adam King YS, MS   2017-03-07 manuscript revision
Trainee Evaluation App Survey Amy Robertson, Damon Michaels YS, MS   2016-05-12 survey data summary tables generated and sent
Burn ICU study Avinash Kumar YS, MS KumarBurn 2016-10-25 manuscript accepted
Regional Anes Database study Randall Malchow YS, MS MalchowReg 2017-01-30 manuscript resubmitted
N2O, Labor Satisfaction Study Michael Richarson MS   2016-09-06 manuscript provisionally accepted (A&A)
Multisensory Integration to Improve Monitoring in ICU Joe Schlesinger MS   2016-09-06 manuscript preparation
ICU PRICE survey Adam Kingeter YS, MS   2017-03-30 analysis completed and report sent to PI
ACGME Milestones Jane Easdown MS   2016-09-23 manuscript resubmitted
Integrated Pulmonary Index Study R. Freundlich & L. Weavind MS   2016-11-11 meeting with international co-investigators
KCentra study L. Sabato & D. Johnson MS   2016-09-07 examine data for feasibility of entry in REDCap via API
ClearSight study M. McEvoy MS, YS McEvoyClearSight 2016-09-23 meet to discuss strategy
IL-7 Trial E. Sherwood MS   2016-11-21 Trial underway; assist with randomization issues
Apneic Oxygenation (less rapid-sequence induction) C. Baysinger MS   2016-10-27 prepared randomization tables
AAMI Alarm study J. Schlesinger MS   2016-11-7 received aims; need to give feedback on study design
UPICC Study A. Kingeter MS, YS   2017-01-17 analysis report sent to PI
Kijabe POMR B. Sileshi MS   2016-11-11 revised manuscript; resubmit soon
Scoliosis study M. Kynes MS   2016-11-11 developed statistical plan
BICU Palliative Care Consult study Stuart McGrane XL, MS   2016-11-22 Read analysis plan; need to discuss study design and analysis strategy
ClearSight Matthew McEvoy XL, MS   2016-11-22 developing statistical plan
SD NRE Jason Slagle XL, MS   2016-11-22 data analysis
Opioids After Cesarean H. Ende YS, MS   2016-12-12 data analysis completed; report sent
Proc. Cancel. due to Anticoag. C. Sobey MS   2016-12-12 commented on protocol and provided data summaries
EXIT Criteria Study S. Daves & B. Donahue MS, YS DavesEXIT 2017-01-17 working on revision; need to FU
V.E. vs. C.E. Mask Ventilation Yandong Jiang MS   2016-12-19 assist with paper revisions
Rocuronium in Obese M. Rice MS   2016-12-19 assist in preparing proposal
Inflammation/Oxidative Stress in ATIII RCT C. Benkwitz MS   2016-12-22 assist with VICTR application
Calcium sepsis study Elliott Karren & Christopher Hughes YS, MS   2017-01-30 Analysis report sent, abstract preparation
Perioperative sedation in MV Taylor Chuich YS, MS   2017-01-30 Analysis plan and sample size calculation completed
Peds POMR study Bantayehu Sileshi YS, MS   2017-03-15 Data cleaning, management and preliminary results

Recent publications

Other activities

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Procedure for developing a study through the collaboration plan

  1. Identification of the topic, initial discussions regarding goals and feasibility
  2. Contact Damon Michaels to discuss suitability for VACRAC studio
  3. Follow-up communication with Biostatistics to discuss feasibility: plan sample size calculations
  4. Obtain IRB and other appropriate approval
  5. Implement study
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