Faculty Benefits

  • Faculty Leave Policy
  • Faculty Operations; see section under links to Links to Related School of Medicine Sites (Faculty Leave Policy)
    • this site directs faculty to the Faculty Manual section relevant to the Leave Policy established by SOM / OFA

Office of Faculty Affairs process

  • Faculty action requests (memoranda and/or letters) should be addressed to Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean, School of Medicine
  • All other documentation should be forwarded directly to the Office of Faculty Affairs
  • OFA is responsible for processing materials and obtaining appropriate approvals for all actions, which include new appointments, promotions, reappointments, leaves of absence, changes in status and salary increases
  • With regard to faculty affairs, follow appropriate chain of command (Department personnel first, then, Department or Division will contact Yulander Frazier and/or Sherrie Leech at OFA)
  • If questions remain after going through appropriate chain of command, please forward information to Linda Stewart for next step(s)

Faculty salary increase recommendations

  • Faculty salary increase requests should be addressed to David Raiford, M.D. for review and approval

Faculty Reappointments Past or Coming Due

Current Term Ends Last Name First Name Track Titles Status - if departing, please provide termination date to the Department
06/21/2009 Wen Miin-Jye Other unknown
08/01/2009 Chen Chin-Hua (Heidi) Other  
08/01/2009 Li Pai-Ling unknown  
09/04/2009 Ayers Gregory Other  
10/31/2009 Jiang Aixiang Research  
11/30/2009 Ye Fei Research  

ACTION ITEMS post meeting

  1. Diane will create a flow chart with Faculty Affairs processes for appointments, promotions and reappointments of primary and secondary faculty
    • flow chart will include responsible person(s) on administrative team for Department and Division and lines of delineation will be clear
  2. Information derived from various conversations with SOM or OFA should be:
    1. Posted on Foswiki
    2. E-mail communication sent to department colleagues to ensure one contact with SOM or OFA offices to make Department and/or Division inquiries.
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