Very Low Birth Weight Infants Dataset

Data on 671 infants with very low (<1600 grams) birth weight from 1981-87 were collected at Duke University Medical Center by Dr. Michael O'Shea, now of Bowman Gray Medical Center. Of interest is the relationship between the outcome intra-ventricular hemorrhage and the predictors birth weight, gestational age, presence of pneumothorax, mode of delivery, single vs. multiple birth, and whether the birth occurred at Duke or at another hospital with later transfer to Duke. A secular trend in the outcome is also of interest. A response variable of interest is ivh possible or definite. This project was funded by a Clinical Epidemiology Grant from the Mellon Foundation. Some errors in the data (primarily lengths of hospitalizations) will be cleaned up probably by the end of 1998. Click here for information about them.

See O'Shea M, Savitz DA, Hage ML, Feinstein KA: Prenatal events and the risk of subependymal / intraventricular haemorrhage in very low birth weight neonates. Paediatric and Perinatal Epdiemiology 1992;6:352-362.

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