Diabetes Dataset

These data are courtesy of Dr John Schorling, Department of Medicine, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

The data consist of 19 variables on 403 subjects from 1046 subjects who were interviewed in a study to understand the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular risk factors in central Virginia for African Americans. According to Dr John Hong, Diabetes Mellitus Type II (adult onset diabetes) is associated most strongly with obesity. The waist/hip ratio may be a predictor in diabetes and heart disease. DM II is also agssociated with hypertension - they may both be part of "Syndrome X". The 403 subjects were the ones who were actually screened for diabetes. Glycosolated hemoglobin > 7.0 is usually taken as a positive diagnosis of diabetes. For more information about this study see

Willems JP, Saunders JT, DE Hunt, JB Schorling: Prevalence of coronary heart disease risk factors among rural blacks: A community-based study. Southern Medical Journal 90:814-820; 1997


Schorling JB, Roach J, Siegel M, Baturka N, Hunt DE, Guterbock TM, Stewart HL: A trial of church-based smoking cessation interventions for rural African Americans. Preventive Medicine 26:92-101; 1997.

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