Crash2 Dataset

This publicly available clinical trial dataset of 20,207 patients was generously supplied by the freeBIRD Bank of Injury and Emergency Research Data from the UK. The CRASH-2 trandomized trial studied antifibrinolytic treatment in significant hemorrhage post trauma.

Note that simpler variable names have been used in the R dataset created from the study team's csv file. The R file data dictionary is here. This mainly involved dropping leading i from variable names.

The original data dictionary is here.

Trial publications

CRASH-2 Trial Collaborators. Effects of tranexamic acid on death, vascular occlusive events, and blood transfusion in trauma patients with significant haemorrhage (CRASH-2) a randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2010; 376: 23-32.

CRASH-2 Collaborators (Intracranial Bleeding Study). Effect of tranexamic acid in traumatic brain injury: a nested randomised, placebo controlled trial (CRASH-2 Intracranial Bleeding Study). BMJ 2011; 342:d3795 doi: 10.1136/bmj.d3795