Public Methods

  • NetworkListener(int) - The constructor.
  • Start() - Starts listening for incoming connections.
  • Stop() - Stops listening for incoming connections.

Private Methods

  • listen() - Polls the TcpListener for pending connections, accepts, and generates events with Network objects.

Private Properties

  • bool Listen - Locks access for listenCheck.

Private Members

  • TcpListener tcpListener - Listens for incoming connections.
  • IPAddress ip - The local incoming IP address.
  • int port - The local incoming port.
  • Thread pendingThread - Runs listen().
  • bool listenCheck - Tells the Thread to stop.


  • Connected


  • After creating Network, we realized that stopping the listener and starting a new one was rejecting incoming connections, so we needed something that could always listen and queue pending connection attempts without losing them.

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