This has been set aside for now, being replaced by memory mapped files.

Temporary memory-saving solution until C# 2.0 is officially released. Since an object takes up too much space, DataSet and Score will inherit from a double-typed DataContainer and InformationSet will be removed from the DataContainer inheritance heirarchy.


  1. Change from column-major format to row-major format
    • This will make removing rows less expensive since that operation is performed for often
  2. Change rows to double[] (from ArrayList)
  3. Change column names to static array
  4. Add resize/initialize functionality
  5. Update NumCols property
  6. Update Get/SetDataObject
  7. Update Add/RemoveColumn
    • Resize when needed
    • Shift empty columns
  8. Update RemoveColumns
    • Shift empty columns
  9. Update Add/RemoveRow
  10. Change Filter to return a new DataContainer
    • Row-major format will enable the copying of entire rows so filtering will be faster this way
  11. Update Merge/Append
  12. Update Trim
    • Remove all unused columns
    • Add a call to Trim() after operations Load, Merge, Append


  1. Update Load & Save
  2. Update Get/SetDataPoint
  3. Update Merge/Append


  1. Update GenerateScores
    • Resize to the number of columns needed
  2. Update Load & Save
  3. Update Standardize


  1. Refactor into a new class that is not a DataContainer


  1. Initialize Scores for the total number of columns needed first

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