Parent: CriteriaManager

Public Methods

  • DONE CutoffManager(CutoffManager) - The copy constructor.
  • DONE Add(string, string, double) - Adds a score name, operator, and value criteria. Rebuilds the CombinationManager.
  • DONE GetCriteria(int) - Gets CriteriaSet N. Uses the CombinationManager.
  • DONE AddNumPass(int) - adds a num pass value. default is 1

Protected Methods

  • DONE rebuildCombinationManager() - Rebuilds the CombinationManager with the current bases.

Private Members

  • CombinationManager - Used to keep access the criteria combinations by number.
  • ArrayList of ints numPasses - set of numpasses. ex: 1, 2, 3.


  • for each column add "name operator value" to the criteria set
  • pass string is built from the columns this way: "numPass >= n" where n is the current numPass value. numPass value defaults to 1 if non are given.

-- JeremyRoberts - 05 Aug 2004
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